Rob Zombie Reveals The Monsters Reboot Will Debut On Netflix This Fall

Since it was announced, fans have been wondering where and when they can check out the Rob Zombie reboot monstersThe director confirmed today that the film will be shown on Netflix this fall. A recent teaser for the film confirmed that it would premiere in September, however it was unknown if it would land in theaters or head to the streaming service, with some speculation believing the film might be headed for the Peacock. Although he hasn’t confirmed a release date, Zombie has told fans that we can expect it on Netflix later this year.

“This fall we’ll be scared as if we were in 1964! monsters And the Addams family They return to the Boob channel at the same time. Courtesy of Netflix, “Zombie shared on Instagram.” It’s been 58 years since this Clash of the Titans first occurred. Perfect entertainment for a pumpkin carving party. Check out this sinister preview for this fall TV guide For the 64-65 season I found it while cleaning. Wacky monster lovers unite! “

zombie signal to monsters go up Addams family Related to the next sub-series Wednesday, focusing on the daughter of the Adams family. The premiere of both projects doesn’t feel accidental, as both offered campy humor and family-friendly horror and were both comedies of the 1960s.

In fact, the similarities between the two properties have led to some masses merging these two properties.

Despite the influence of both series on popular culture, Addams family It can be said that he has garnered more recognition over the decades since those original sitcoms. In the early ’90s, the Addams made a major comeback thanks to two live-action films, which also went on to earn an animated television series, while there have also been two feature-length animated films released in theaters recently.

monstersHowever, he had a few follow-up projects and spin-offs, none of which caught the attention of audiences like the original TV show. The characters almost rebounded in 2012 with the series Mockingbird Linalthough the project only debuted in the pilot episode and was not picked up for an entire season.

Stay tuned for details on Rob Zombie’s release monsters.

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