Alternate terrifying love and thunder has been revealed in the design of the God’s Butcher

A name like “Gorr the God Butcher” suggests a downright scary presence, and while actor Christian Bale gave a scary performance as a character in Thor: Love and Thunder, early notions of the character included a more brutal interpretation of the villain. Concept artist Ken Barthelemy shared some of the concepts he coined for the character, developed prior to Bell’s selection, and offered a more disturbing visual look at the character. With Gorr being a little more brutal in Marvel Comics, these concepts lean a little more towards this character design, though they would likely have limited the facial expressions of Bale’s performance.

“God’s butcher design early in the Gorr you did Thor: Love and Thunder in [Odd Studio], before Christian Bale cast the title role. I loved Bales’ portrayal of the character,” the artist captioned his artwork on Instagram.

Director Taika Waititi previously indicated that one of the reasons for changing the character’s design from the comics was to avoid figure comparisons to the Harry Potter franchise.

“His face in the comics, unfortunately, kind of looks like Voldemort,” Waititi previously shared. IGN. So I was like, ‘People will automatically make this connection. “So we decided to move away from that design and keep some kind of tone element, and the fact that he had a sword. Really, his story was the most important thing to us.”

In addition to the facial differences, there are also changes in physique, which have been driven by more practical issues, according to Bell himself.

“I was coming out of a movie where I had to be kind of lacking muscle,” Bell explained to about his character’s appearance. “Then I saw the pictures and thought, ‘Okay, that’s not going to be possible… and this thing that’s going on over there.'” He looked at the comic books as if someone was reckoning with him. And I said, ‘Well, that wouldn’t be possible in the state I’m in.’ And we have three days between finishing one movie and going to Australia for quarantine and so on. I usually like to have more time in between, but the pandemic means things are going that way.”

Thor: Love and Thunder In theaters now.

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