The Scarlet and Violet Pokemon fan theory could tease out a new Legendary Pokemon

Fan theory is related to scarlet pokemon And the Violet He may have just teased a new Legendary Pokemon that will appear in the games. In just about every Pokémon title, there are three basic Legendary Pokémon that players can look forward to catching. Two of these Pokemon often appear in chest art, which is still true here scarlet pokemon And the Violet. However, the third mythical creature is usually kept secret until launch. with scarlet pokemon And the VioletDespite that, it seemed like we might now have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from this third mythical beast.

as pointed out reddit u/LilGhostSoru user recently, the names of the legendary pokemon in scarlet pokemon And the Violet What we’ve seen so far may bring up key details regarding the third mythical creature. As shown in the latest trailer for scarlet and violetLegends that will appear on the cover of every game called Koraidon and Miraidon. When translated into Japanese, “Korai” roughly means “past” while “Mirai” means “future.” As such, it appears that the main Legendary Pokemon in carmine And the Violet It could have something to do with time.

How does that include the third mysterious Legendary Pokemon in carmine And the Violet? Well, this theory in question estimates that an additional Legendary Pokémon can be called “Ginsaidon”. In Japanese, “Genzai” means “present.” With this in mind, the three Legendary Beasts appeared in carmine And the Violet Each can be linked to the past, present, and future in ways that are not yet clear.

Once again, it is worth emphasizing that this is all just a fan theory, which means that the identity of this third legendary Pokemon has not yet been confirmed. However, if both Koraidon and Miraidon have a relationship to time (rumored to be an essential element of carmine And the Violet story), it makes sense, then, that the third mythical beast would relate to the others in the same way. While this is just a theory, it is certainly reasonable and worth keeping in mind as we go forward.

Right now, the only thing we know for sure is that scarlet pokemon And the Violet It will be launched later this year on November 18. When the games arrive, each will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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