Trailer for the animated movie: Justice League: Warworld

Before tomorrow’s digital release of Green Lantern: Beware My PowerThe film went to Comic Con for its premiere, followed by a number of announcements for upcoming films. While some of them were expected to be – like a Legion of Superheroes An animated movie that was discovered after the Motion Picture Association released its rating – others were even more surprising. It was one of the last ads Justice League: World of Warplanned for a release in 2023 and supposed to pit the DC Universe’s greatest superhero against Mongul, the ruler of a planet-sized satellite known as Warworld, who has been battling Superman in the comics for months.

Mongol has. He has yet to appear in live action, although his daughter, Mongal, had a brief, deadly cameo in James Gunn’s suicide squad. Warworld itself appeared in super girl TV show, but Mongol never made his way onto the screen. The character has made several animated appearances, including a Justice League Unlimited adaptation of “For the Man Who Has Everything,” a 1985 story widely considered one of the best single-count Superman tales of all time.

This will be the first Justice League movie since the release of “Tomorrowverse,” and it’s the latest iteration of DC’s interconnected, animated continuity. DC Universe animated films have been a staple of Warner Bros. shows. Home Entertainment for more than a decade, and in 2013, the line was subsequently restarted Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradoxwith subsequent films that take on elements of The New 52’s appearance and continuity.

This schedule continues until 2020 Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, which ended with a reboot of a devastated and miserable DC Universe once again by Barry Allen as he travels back through time. The next new movie was Superman: The Man of Tomorrow, and since then, DC animated movies that look much smaller and less livable from the post-Flashpoint world have gone on. One example? We still haven’t seen the Justice League movie yet – although those who have watched Green Lantern: Beware My Power will know that the League of This World includes Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, and Vixen, all of whom briefly fought Green Lantern when he appeared without warning on Control tower.

No word yet on a Warworld movie release date, and even the casting process is still up in the air considering that in the course of its first few films, the Tomorrowverse, Darren Criss, and Travis Willingham were all playing Superman, while Batman was a split between Jensen Ackles. And Troy Baker.

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