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A lot of gamers often ignore the game settings. Courage is tough, however, and hiding a plethora of settings can be why fans hit plateaus in ranked play, slowly falling into the abyss of ELO. To help you get out of this void, here’s how to tweak your game settings to be more perfect. After all, you should never be overwhelmed by something that could have been turned off or quickly changed in the settings.

The first five categories will cover settings that can be changed directly in the game itself. The last four will be settings that will be applied to players’ computers and should benefit overall performance, both in rated and unrated games. However, keep in mind that these are just recommendations. There is no “correct” configuration for the entire player base, and the key to optimization is to practice with settings that feel natural to you. Customize and experiment as you see fit.


General: Map Settings

These settings will allow players to see the full map and gain more insight into what their teammates are seeing. They can help improve collaboration, teamwork, and public awareness.

  • go inside Valiant preparations.
  • Click on general tab.
  • Scroll a little to get to a map.
  • Players must have rotate or fixed It was chosen based on their preferences. Rotating will make it rotate so that the map rotates with the launcher, while stabilization is not done.
  • Memorizes player positioning Transformation About, Because keeping it enabled will not allow players to see the full map.
  • The Minimap size It can be set from 0.888 to 1.1depending on how much screen players want to cover in the mini-map.
  • The Zoom in Minimap Usually the best in 0.9, It allows seeing the entire map easily without being too intrusive.
  • Minimap Vision Cones It should be set to on me, This allows you to see what your teammates see on the map.
  • Show map area names must be on Always. This way, it will be much easier to understand the summons from allies.

General: Quality of life settings in other areas

Here are a few settings that will make the players’ rewarding Valorant experience more enjoyable, not to mention more intuitive.

  • Go to the other tab near the bottom general Settings.
  • turn blood show onIf you’re not averse to it, this will help players signal when they hit an enemy and polish their target.
  • Displays tracer bullet must be on me, A self-explanatory addition that will also prove to be very helpful in training your goal.
  • Uses Team color to get crosshair color It is recommended to replace it About, so that players can choose a color that contrasts with their opponents and the map. This is also a huge boon for accessibility.

Video: General

These settings will improve players’ frames per second (FPS) in Valorant, which is a critical consideration in any shooter game.

  • go inside Settings.
  • Click on video tab.
  • go to the general tab.
  • Go to Always limit FPS and click on me. This will prevent gamers’ GPUs from overworking themselves to create more frames.
  • Players must then move below this to Max FPS alwaysand set this to the highest appropriate level for their system (this may take some fix).

Video: Graphics Quality

These settings will give gamers a boost in frames per second and help with their GPU’s performance. Once again, the technical aspect of FPS is very important for fans of the genre.

  • go inside brave.
  • Click Settings.
  • go to the video tab.
  • Click on Graphics quality Section.
  • Memorizes Multiple incarnation set to on me To improve CPU performance.
  • material quality should turn into a little If the player has a low-end GPU and high If the player has a newer GPU (such as the NVIDIA 30 series).
  • Quality texture It should also turn into a little With lower GPU and high If you have the latest GPU.
  • they change Detail quality to me a little, As this can hinder players’ FPS and also add unnecessary distractions.
  • Players do not need to change User Interface Quality. set it to high The quality makes the UI background blurry, and on a little Quality makes it clear.
  • vignette It darkens the corners of the player’s screen, but it doesn’t make much difference and uses up some of the GPU. To help with performance, you’ll probably want to keep this About.
  • VSync must be AboutUnless players have screen tearing issues.
  • Anti-aliasing must be About Because it reduces performance. If the players notice that their target is compromised by the roughness of the corners, you can turn it into MSAA 2x (It shouldn’t be a huge performance issue on most PC versions.)
  • turn Anisotropic filtration to me 1x to enhance performance.
  • turn Clarity Enhancer Off To increase the frame rate per second.
  • Trial sharpening must leave it About, Unless some things are blurry bothering the player.
  • Thrives The game effects make it a lot nicer, but it comes at a performance cost. Players should leave it in general About.
  • distortion must leave it About, Because it can make it difficult to get flick shots.
  • spit shadows It can be distracting and not create enemy shadows, so it serves no purpose other than using more GPU. It is recommended to replace it About.

Sound: sounds

Changing these settings will make it easier to communicate with your teammates and locate friend and foe alike.

  • Go to Valorant Settings.
  • Click on My voice tab.
  • go to the voices Section.
  • Make sure VOIP ducks music he is maybe So that in-game music is muted when the player’s team members communicate.
  • Make sure Speaker Configuration is set to stereoso that players can accurately determine the sounds 360 degrees against the flat orientation.
  • Scroll all the way and make sure of it Activate HRTF he is too verification, Because this allows players to hear the sound in a simulated simulated sound space.

Computer Settings: Digital Vibrance

Adjusting the digital vibrancy will make the colors on player screens pop and enemies more visible. Here’s how to modify this setting.

  • Right-click on the desktop.
  • with nvidia go to the nvidia control panel, and with AMD go to the AMD Radeon software.
  • nvidia: go to the Show Section. AMD: Open the games.
  • nvidia: Choose Adjust desktop color settings. AMD: Go to Show under the games.
  • nvidia: there will be Vibrance digital slider which should be boost it about 70%. AMD: Gamers need Enable custom color adjust saturation as they wish.

Computer settings: Turn off mouse acceleration

Turning off mouse acceleration will make the cursor move based on the distance players move and the DPI they have set the mouse to. Without this setting, computers tend to limit the speed at which they think a player’s mouse “should” move, often causing unexpected changes in the mouse’s dpi.

  • go to the Windows search bar.
  • Writes Mouse Settings.
  • go to the Related settings. This will only appear if the Mouse Settings window is large enough, so be sure to make it larger if you don’t see it.
  • Click Additional Mouse Options.
  • Once in Mouse properties window Opens, click Cursor Options.
  • a guarantee Improve pointer accuracy he is unchecked. This is the setting that affects mouse acceleration.

PC settings: Turn on high DPI scaling

This will make the players aim more accurate. Needless to say, this is another big priority for experienced players, as well as those just starting out.

  • seek windows for File Explorer.
  • seek brave in File Explorer To find where to install Valorant.
  • find Courage. exe app and Right click on him.
  • Click Properties.
  • tap on Compatibility tab.
  • Click Change high DPI settings.
  • Make sure Override high DPI scaling behavior he is Verification and perform it Request.

PC Settings: Background Apps

Background apps can cause a game’s frame rate to drop dramatically. For optimal performance, make sure that your system focuses solely on Valorant. Here’s how to stop background apps from running:

  • Click on Windows search bar And type in “Background apps. “
  • Click Background appsfollowed by system configuration.
  • At the top you will see Let apps run in the backgroundIt is recommended to turn it off.
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