WWE celebrates Rey Mysterio’s 20th birthday with a new title

WWE Celebrates Rey Mysterio’s 20th Anniversary with a Special New Championship Title! WWE Monday Night Raw this week honors Mysterio’s long and storied career with a special celebration inside Madison Square Garden, and while at the time of this writing we’re not yet able to see what it really is, WWE has really gone the extra mile. Rey Mysterio may not currently be holding a championship title on the main show at the moment, but now fans can enjoy the WWE superstar in a whole new way as he has been awarded a replica title belt to celebrate his major achievement.

WWE Store is now selling this “Rey Mysterio 20th Anniversary Signature Series Replica” as part of a special event to help honor the superstar’s long and storied career. It will run fans interested in over $499 and features some very distinct design themes that honor Mysterio’s Mexican roots. It’s definitely a title that looks a lot different than anything else in the WWE Store at the moment, and you can check it out below as spotted by @WrestleOps on Twitter:

Rey Mysterio is celebrating 20 years in the WWE, but it’s currently unclear where the Superstar will be heading in the future. Currently, Mysterios is wrapped back and forth with Finn Balor and Damien Priest of Judgment Day, and the evil duo attempt to recruit Dominik Mysterio to their cause. This may be what separates the former father-son team champions, but it can also make them that much stronger as a pair at the end of it all. It can really go either way, which is why all eyes are on seeing how it continues to evolve.

As of now, Rey Mysterio has also not been near the top of the scene on either Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown. This could easily change over the coming months and years, but until then at least Mysterio has this great 20th Anniversary title to help solidify the impressive feat from his very long career. It’s not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon either, so there’s still plenty of potential to explore.

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