Warzone Update 1.60 patch notes today (27th July)

Raven Software has released an all-new patch for Call of Duty: Warzone on July 27, which brings with it the big mid-season update, also known as Season 4 Reloaded.

Whether you’re a passionate Call of Duty: Vanguard player or a die-hard Warzone player, Season 4 Reloaded aims to bring plenty of new content for both titles. One of the main content coming in today’s update is the new “Rebirth of The Dead” mode, which will see Zombies return to Warzone, exclusively on Rebirth Island.

There will also be more weapon balancing and bug fixes included in the update. So, if you’re eager to learn more, here are the official patch notes and details of the July 27 Call of Duty: Warzone update.


Call of Duty: Warzone Update 1.60 Patch Notes has been remastered for Season 4

We’re still waiting for the official patch notes from Raven Software, and details are expected to be shared soon. We’ll update this article with the full changelog as soon as it’s released, but in the meantime, here’s what to expect from the Season 4 reloaded in Warzone.

Portable Replacing Balloons Upgrade Nitrous Armored SUV Vehicle

Need more flexibility in movement options? The mid-season update brings two new action options to Caldera: portable redeployment balloons and a nitro boost for the armored SUV.

Portable Repost Balloon

The Balloon Replay mobile game is a quick way to reposition around the game’s largest island. It can be found as a field upgrade in loot or as a contract reward, such as successful cracking to unlock a supply supply.

Any customer can deploy it anywhere with a clear sky on top, and any customer can tap into this balloon in a chest – even enemies that reach for an already scattered balloon – during the 30 seconds the balloon is inflated. Using it is as easy as using a standard repost balloon; Attach this slide to it and watch the enemies below.

The balloon can be destroyed and has about half the health points of a fixed respawn balloon. It also doesn’t extend as high up in the air as the stationary version either, but its flexibility in placement more than makes up for the lack of distance it can provide.

Armored SUVs – Now with the power of Nitro Boost

After a quick hiatus for upgrades, the four-passenger armored SUV will now include a nitrous boost.

When you need to move quickly around the map, press Nitro Boost for instant acceleration, which is great for catching targets and getting out of dangerous situations.

Expect this quick movement update to add a slight wrinkle to the car’s power ratings, as if a massive 4×4 with turrets weren’t enough to change how the team pulls off victory.

Rebirth Island: Fight or be the Horde in Rebirth of the Dead

After hearing rumors of out-of-control experiences on Rebirth Island, our agents are ready to investigate and eliminate any threats lurking in the fog.

In Rebirth of the Dead, a reimagined version of Zombie Royale presented by Beenox, ten quads will spread out across the island, ready to battle fellow agents, both living and living.

Eliminated agents return as zombies, intent on increasing their numbers by hunting down the remaining humans. To revive as an agent, the zombies must locate and collect four antiviruses, which can be found in several ways:

  • Single antivirals, visible through obstructions, are located in chests and purchase stations.
  • Kill the client to get two types of antiviral drugs.
  • Earn all 4 antivirals by performing a Finishing Move as a zombie, earn an instant revival and get the “Head Scratcher” moving calling card in the process.

Throughout the match, the hit counter will fill as zombies are eliminated. Once filled, all spectators will be revived as zombies.

Those skilled enough to win a match as a human will receive the animated “Last Alive” calling card, a true testament to your ability against all enemies, both alive and not dead.

Ready to face the undead scrabble? Then read on before you check out our Rebirth of the Dead guide, coming next week.

Vanguard Zombies Camos Available in Warzone

There is no better way to fight zombies than with Zombie Camo weapons!

In Mercenaries of Fortune Reloaded, those who have unlocked Vanguard Zombie Camos – including Golden Viper, Plague Diamond, and Dark Aether – can use them in their Vanguard weapons in war zone.

Show them in Rebirth of the Dead or in Caldera and Fortune’s Keep!

Titanium Experiences: Endurance

First, there were the Iron Trials – now, inspired by the emergence of machines in the near future, it’s time for all customers to get ready for the Titanium trials in the Caldera.

To simulate the hardening of the Terminator model, the maximum base armor will be increased to 300 hit points, with the fortified feature frequently appearing as ground loot for more efficient armor repairs. Each player starts the game with a self-resuscitation kit and it takes longer to regenerate base health, making it a high-skill and time-to-kill (TTK) game mode.

Titanium Trials features a loot table specifically designed to support the higher TTK gameplay, including extremely rare scrap weapons that are a step up stronger than gear weapons. There are also fewer overall resources in the map to reward customers who act aggressively towards the opponent, as the cost of gear starts at a higher price point and decreases over the duration of the match.

Titanium Trials: Endurance, using the Battle Royale rules of Caldera, will start on August 11th for only two weeks. Be there or be terminated.

For more details on the July 27 Call of Duty: Warzone update, be sure to check out the official Blog post by Activision.

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