Watch Dwayne Johnson give fans a hearty surprise at DC’s Super-Pets

animation DC League of Super-Pets It hits theaters Friday, and a lucky few actually got to see the new movie in advanced screenings, but that wasn’t all they got. The lead voice actor for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to social media to reveal his surprise appearance on one of these shows, dressed up as Superman’s dog Krypto (who voiced him), but that’s not all. Johnson went on to contact one family in particular to reveal that he was giving their children the thing they had always dreamed of, the family dog. So lucky for all of us at home to long for a heartwarming story, Johnson shared it all on social media which you can watch below.

“Things like this will always be the best part of my job,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. “I love surprising audiences with our @sevenbucksprod movies, but the surprise of the #DCSuper Pets show was special 🙏🏾🍿 I dressed up as my character, KRYPTO and surprised a couple of fans here at Cinemark in Los Angeles. The best part was finding a loving home with the Hernandez family for my little boy, quail 🐶 An incredible night all in the spirit of celebrating pets 🐕🖤 #DCSuper Pets at Plays this Friday!!”

Super-Pets marks the first of two big projects in DC, with Johnson at the front and center of that debut this year, and the second being the much-anticipated Black Adam adaptation. Johnson is playing DC’s counter-hero in the new movie arriving this fall, and in an exclusive interview with, his producing partner and friend Hiram Garcia took some time to reveal to us how it came about.

We love DC, so it has always been a priority for me, Danny [Garcia]Dwayne [Johnson], to do everything we can and be able to tell stories in this space,” Garcia Revealed. So while we were shooting the red notice, I got a call from our agent and it was funny. He says, “Look, there’s something going on here these guys are working on. And do you know Superman has a dog? I’m like Krypto, of course I know Superman has a dog. …There is an understanding.”

“So I immediately got excited when I realized there was an opportunity to tell a story SuperBates University And kind of get into that deep wound, if you want to, in the DC Universe. “Being able to tell the pet story of these great superheroes, right?”

“And… you’re always looking for fun ways to tell stories about characters the whole world knows about, but the perspective of their pets was really interesting. And obviously we’ve been working on black Adam, which is a tone in itself where it is very irritable. It is a bit dark and aggressive. And we loved the idea of ​​being able to tell a story that was on the other side of the spectrum, a bit more family-oriented, and kid-friendly, something that adults can get away with but still plays hard for kids.”

DC’s Super-Pets . League It opens in theaters Friday, July 29.


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