Camille Vasquez explains why she is so affected by Johnny Depp

Lawyer Camille Vasquez She has come under full scrutiny for her rumored relationship with Johnny Depp, and she has repeatedly denied these rumors. In her last CBS interview, she had to come out and deny them again but she made it clear why she was always interested in the actor.

There have been many instances where Vasquez has been seen comforting Johnny Depp, offering hugs or gentle gestures that were misinterpreted From that moment on, there was the fan fiction created about an alleged romance that never happened. Vazque was asked about her again in the interview, she handled her just as wonderfully as she did the first million times she was asked.

Camille puts the romance rumors to rest in a wonderful way.

When I was asked again during the interview, this is what happened Camille Vasquez He said of those romantic rumours, “It was frustrating to hear about them but I think they started because people like love stories and like to make things up. That doesn’t mean they’re true and obviously in this case they weren’t true,” Kamil said.

when you host Gail King I asked her why she was so sensitive with Depp, Camille didn’t even flinch and added, “Sure! But I’m sensitive with everyone. That’s just who I am. I’m naturally described as a warm person. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with caring about your customers. Right? I was fighting for his life and his name. It’s totally normal, I think, to be able to extend his hand, give him hugs and make him feel protected. We were all with him in that way. Supportive and protective.”

In the near future, Camille Vasquez It is expected that he will continue to operate as Johnny Depp Lawyer and they will make their friendship grow. As she said, there is nothing wrong with taking care of clients in any walk of life. Fan stories and fake stories will always remain but at least she seems to be sleeping well at night knowing these rumors are not true at all.


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