Camille Vasquez says she was “lucky” to work for Johnny Depp

Fbaptized lawyer Camille Vasquez She expressed her gratitude to Johnny Depp To give him the opportunity to defend him in court against him Amber HeardHis ex-wife and alleged beatings.

Vasquez was asked in a trailer before the sit-down interview “CBS Mornings” Host Gail King Why do you believePirates of the Caribbean” The actor specifically chose her to participate in the widely reported defamation case.

“It was important to have a woman on the team,” the 38-year-old lawyer said in part. “Why?” asked the king. Vásquez replied, “This case calls for a woman’s perspective, and I was the lucky person chosen to do the job.”

“Do you feel lucky? Are you lucky word?” The king interrupted him again. “Yes, I think so,” Vasquez said. “I think hard work and luck – you can’t underestimate there’s a mix in there. Of course, it’s a massive amount of hours, but it’s also a bit of luck, and it’s not a job that I took seriously.

The interview took place a week after Heard filed an appeal against the jury’s decision, which favored Depp last month.

Consequences of Depp’s trial against Camille Heard

The seven jurors concluded that her allegations that he physically abused her while she was dating him defamed him. Although Virginia law sets an upper limit for punitive damages in 350 thousand dollarsgive”Edward Scissorhands” the actor 10 million dollars in compensatory damages and 5 million dollars in financial fines.

Throughout the trial, Vasquez rose to fame on her own. tik tok She was initially persuaded that the young professional and actor might have a romantic affair, but her resolute questions during cross-examination and commanding presence on behalf of her client soon cemented her place in history.

On July 15, at one of Depp’s concerts in Europe, fans recorded a video of Vasquez and Depp meeting. The lawyer introduced her British businessman boyfriend Edward Owento me “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” the actor.


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