Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s controversial Vogue photoshoot with his wife

The is war conflict between ukraine and russia continues, while it happens that the head of the state which has the capital of Kyiv, Volodymyr ZelenskyHe showed up with his wife Olena Zelenska In a celebrity photoshoot Vogue magazine Which sparked great controversy around the world due to what many consider trivial.

In the issue of the magazine entitled “Portrait of Courage: First Lady of Ukraine, Olena ZelenskaThe Supreme Leader of Ukraine stands with his wife in various locations including the ruins of Kyiv Airport and the official residence of the country’s top rulers.

What is the topic of Vogue magazine?

In addition to all this, the post includes a long interview with First lady of UkraineVogue wrote on her Instagram account of “life in wartime, marriage and a common history, and dreams for Ukraine’s future.”

This presidential couple promotion was shared on Twitter by Ukrainian Ministry of Defensewith the following message:

“Ukraine’s first couple. Look closely at their faces. The pain, the courage… and the determination to win.”

A frivolous wartime photo session?

As for the production, it was done by the photographer Annie Leibovitz A huge controversy was unleashed by people from all over the world, as they were considered out of place and out of time, as a people still suffering from the ravages of war.

according to Vogue magazineIn addition to being already available in its digital version, it will be published in the print magazine during the month of October.

The article is not only talking about Olena ZelenskaDiplomatic work during the war, but also talks about the beginning of the love affair between the presidential couple and her life in the entertainment world before her husband’s political career.


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