Godzilla vs. Kong Sickle starts shooting

Godzilla is set to make a comeback thanks to the TV series MonsterVerse on Apple TV+, which recently saw Wyatt and Kurt Russell star in the title role, but that’s not the only place that will bring back the King of Monsters. Legendary Pictures has already confirmed that a sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong On the horizon with a March 2024 release date, and filming appears to have already begun, with an Australian news program giving us a look at filming a beach scene that will see the return of a big kaiju.

at first Godzilla vs. Kong In the movie, a large primate is taken from Skull Island in order to lead a group of scientists to “The Hollow Land”, the birthplace of several giants who once roamed the land within the MonsterVerse. Unfortunately for Kong, the Lizard King wasn’t keen on any potential competition for his crown, and the two famous beasts tangled with each other multiple times throughout the film. In the end, Godzilla was able to stand up as the victor, but it looks like a rematch is close and it should be interesting to see if the Governor of Skull Island will be able to win during this sequel.

7News Brisbane shared a clip of Godzilla vs. Kong The sequel is being filmed, with a number of beachgoers apparently running in fear of Godzillas emerging from the depths of the ocean, which is what King of Monsters usually does during his introductions into the movie:

While details about the sequel’s story are few and far between at this point, the film confirmed that the original crossover director, Adam Wingard, will be returning to directing duties. On top of Wingard’s return, the film is set to see actor Dan Stevens in the title role, and fans may remember Stevens from his roles in FX Corps And the Disney Beauty and the Beast. As it stands, the movie did not confirm that there are any new Titans entering the fray but there are certainly more than a few to choose from.

Do you think it is possible to defeat Kong Godzilla in the next part? What new giant monsters are you hoping to see arrive in the next MonsterVerse movie from Legendary? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comedy, anime and the kaiju world.


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