The Ana de Armas accent in Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde” is what everyone talks about

The official trailer for the Netflix biopic about Marilyn Monroe, Blonde, gave fans one more reason to indulge in intense conversations, and Dialect The lead actress, Ana de Armas, is the centerpiece of it all.

Apart from the catchy visual and sound effects, it’s the character’s signature dialogues that get you hooked on the screen, but viewers either seem to love it or hate it.

while, Blonde It is also the first Netflix movie to receive an NC-17 rating. Read more to learn more about this topic.

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Ana de Armas accent is featured in Marilyn Monroe’s biography

the official tractor From Blonde You see tears roll down Marilyn’s cheek as she explains to Joe Dimaggio how she got her start in movies.

She says, “I guess I found out. I know you’re supposed to get used to it, but I can’t. I played Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Monroe — I can’t stand doing another scene with Marilyn Monroe.”

Strong dialogues are spoken in a dialect unique to Anna, who is Latin.

But she trained for months to master Marilyn’s accent.

I told Times UK : “I tried! It only took nine months of dialect training, practice, and some ADR sessions. It was huge torture, very stressful. My brain was fried.”

Viewers split after watching the trailer

Some see Anna’s authentic accent as adding a touch of originality to the character, while others argue that it doesn’t justify the role.

single viewer Wrote: “Everyone seems to focus on the accent of Ana de Armas in BLONDE but I think that makes the film more interesting; it emphasizes the craft inherent in biographies (and in acting in general), which imo is appropriate in a work that seems to be devoted to exploring subterfuge versus reality. “.

Praise for the tweet above, another user He said: “Ana de Armas moved to the United States in 2014, and at the time, she didn’t speak English at all. I can’t even imagine the scale of the adjustment that happened to her. Marilyn would be amazing, and if her accent ruins her for you, that’s your weird little problem” .

“It’s a pity that despite 9 months of dialect training, Ana de Armas still looks like herself in the Blond trailer. I’ll reserve judgment on the movie though,” chirp Another with an opposing view.

You can watch the trailer at YouTube here.

red dot | Official Trailer | Netflix



red dot | Official Trailer | Netflix





What is the NC-17 rating?

An NC-17 rating means that no one is seventeen or under accepted. The blonde got the rating because of the “certain sexual content” it contains, according to to

Director Andrew Dominic spoke about the explicit content of the film Eagle: “I think if given the choice, I’d rather go and see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story.

“Because we know her life was on edge, obviously, from the way it ended. Do you want to see the full version or the warts or do you want to see that sterile version?”

The film will have its world premiere on September 23 this year.

In other news, why is Blonde rated NC-17? A look at the upcoming Marilyn Monroe movie

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