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Sir Ringo Starr may be 82, but he’s showing no sign of stopping. Along with the postponed tour dates, this September will see the release of his new movie EP, EP3, After Changing the World and Zoom In.

The drummer shared: “I’m in my studio writing and recording every chance I got. It’s what I’ve always done and will continue to do, and releasing (EPs) frequently allows me to keep creating and giving each song more love.”

Ringo’s four new tracks are called World Go Round, Everyone and Everything, Let’s Be Friends and Free Your Soul (feat. Dave Koz and José Antonio Rodriguez).

EP3 will be available digitally and on CD on September 16, on 10 inch vinyl and as a limited edition in transparent royal blue tape on November 18, 2022.

The statement sparked the new songs’ provocation: “Written by Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams, the upbeat rocker World Go Round continues to spread Ringo’s positive message of hope and togetherness. The track features Ringo on vocals, drums and percussion, Steve Lukather on guitar, Joseph Williams on keyboards, With background vocals provided by Joseph Willams, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maiya Sykes.

By Linda Perry Everyone and Everything captures Ringo Starr’s classic sound and showcases Ringo on vocals, drums and percussion along with Linda Perry on guitar and percussion. Billy Muehler sets bass and guitar, Damon Fox provides melotron, piano and always, with all background vocals from Linda Perry, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maya Sykes”.

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She added, “Features an infectious dance groove, Let’s Be Friends, written by longtime Ringo engineer Bruce Sugar, along with Sam Hollander, with Ringo Starr taking over the vocals and drumming, Nathan East on the bass, and Steve Lukather on guitar. , and Bruce Sugar on keyboards, percussion and arrangement of horns, clapping and percussion by Sam Hollander, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maya Sykes on background vocals.

Written by Ringo Starr and Bruce Sugar, the soothing, rhythmic sound of Free Your Soul transports the listener to an island beach on a warm, clear night under a full moon. With Ringo on vocals, drums and hand clapping, the song also features Dave Cose on tenor sax and Jose Antonio Rodriguez on guitar. Nylon, Nathan East on bass, Bruce Sugar on keyboards, percussion and trumpet arrangement, and Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maya Sykes provide backing vocals.”

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In his Instagram ad video, Ringo also shared a funny clip of himself jamming with a guitarist playing Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. The energized 82-year-old was seen hilariously banging bongo drums to the iconic riff with great enthusiasm.

To pre-order Sir Ringo Starr’s EP3, tap over here.

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