Vikings WR Justin Jefferson set to break the NFL record-receiving record again

Justin Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings receiver, is firing for 2,000 yards this season, making him the first NFL player to do so.

There are a few NFL runners who have managed to dash for 2,000 yards, making the feat legendary.

Chris Johnson is still known as “CJ2K”; Adrian Peterson did just that in the award-winning 2012 season; Derek Henry navigates through defenses to make it happen in 2020.

Despite this, there Wasn’t a receiver on the NFL wide To hit 2,000 yards, but NFL veteran Patrick Peterson knows who will be first: Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

“I don’t doubt it,” Peterson said when asked about Jefferson’s desire to break another NFL record. “I don’t doubt it. I don’t doubt it. He might have 2,000 yards in one season.”

Vikings CB Patrick Peterson has full confidence that Justin Jefferson will start the 2000-yard club for wide NFL receivers

To date, former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has come closest to accomplishing the feat, earning 1,644 yards in 122 receptions (16.1 yards on average). It came during the 2000-yard season for Adrian Peterson, so Johnson didn’t get the offensive accolades he deserved as a captain on this list.

The next recipient on the list is none other than Cooper Cobb, who entered the 2021 season undervalued and considered him the second choice behind Robert Woods. Cobb went on to connect with Matthew Stafford for the 1947 season yards. Kupp’s banner year earned him a Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, and Offensive Player of the Year award.

Even getting close to the 2,000-yard mark would constitute a historic season for any wide receiver, so what odds can Jefferson achieve in his third season?

Compared to most NFL competitions, Jefferson has a great opportunity to improve and get closer to the mark.

Jefferson began his NFL career with a freshman season with 1,400 yards, which broke the record for the most yards by a junior player in NFL history. Unfortunately, Jefferson’s record was broken the following season when Jefferson’s former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase broke the record again with a season 1,455 yards.

But in terms of numbers, Jefferson had the best year: He finished his second season with 1,616 yards. In fact, Jefferson is already ranked #21 on the all-time pick-up list for one season, ahead of greats like Michael Irvine, da Andrea Hopkins, and Davante Adams.

In a recent interview with ComplexJefferson has admitted he’s the best in the league – and everyone will agree with that after this season.

“I will say after this year, I will be the best receiver in the NFL… I think I have to do it for three years in a row for everyone to believe it. Some people don’t think that after two years, you deserve to be top of the league. And then I feel That I’m going over 1,600 yards as well. So I think I’m going to be the best receiver after this year.”

If Jefferson continues at the same rate, he will break the 2,000-yard record in at least two seasons — or, as Patrick Peterson suggested, he might break it twice.

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