Google addresses rumors of Stadia shutdown

Google addressed rumors this week that the tech company’s Google Stadia platform was in its final stages and was due to shut down by the end of the summer. This rumor prompted people to ask Google if this was the case to which the official Google Stadia account responded by saying that there are no plans to shut down the service. This is reassuring to those who frequently use Google Stadia, although it’s worth admitting that it’s unlikely that a shutdown ad would be shared with a simple Twitter reply anyway.

Google Stadia critics who cited the platform’s rocky launch and progress since release evaluated the rumors while others noted that Google has already made plans for the platform for a time frame of several months. The rumor in question came from account Intended for indexing services that Google has killed (of which there are many), which also caused some to question the rumor as well as the fact that she was a friend of a friend-like situation.

“An old co-worker and friend of mine, he is now one of Google’s regional directors,” the rumor stated. “He’s actually the one who got me getting started with Stadia. They had a very large employee/retail seminar in California this past weekend, and Google started putting together a short story long exit plan. They didn’t have an exact date for an end of service event, but they said by the end of summer.”

Rumors continued that subscribers would be informed of the service closure before this happened with refunds being offered for the last month of the service.

In response to all of that, a Twitter user asked the Google Stadia account if the platform had shut down. Google said this is not the case.

“Stadia is not shutting down,” Read reply. “Rest assured, we’re always working on bringing more great games to the platform and Stadia Pro.”

The account followed with a tweet mocking the initial rumors while announcing a free game available on Stadia.



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