Halo Infinite Forge Creator perfectly reshapes silent hills

infinite auraForge mode is not officially discontinued yet, but some players have had access to its tools and one has been recreated PT Also known as silent hills. For those who are not aware, PT It was a free game released on PlayStation 4 in 2014. It came from an unknown developer and this was a really mysterious project. Players wake up in a room and then get trapped in a loop, walking down the same relatively normal looking hallway of a welcoming home. With each episode, things will begin to change, becoming increasingly sinister as a monster appears following the player and a fetus appears in the bathroom. After a set of solving open-ended puzzles, the player will be rewarded with a scene revealing that the game was actually a new Silent Hill game from developer Hideo Kojima. It was considered one of the scariest gaming experiences ever at the time and it impressed people with the full game, but it was unfortunately canceled.

With that said, YouTuber Death Templar released a recreation walkthrough PT/silent hills in infinite auraForge mode. It’s stunningly accurate and is a testament to the amazing in-game building tools. It features similar walls, picture frames, a crawl-out canopy upstairs, and many cool details. Death Templar even added the very annoying sounds made by Lisa, the monster in the real game, through a video mod. Sadly, Death Templar wasn’t able to create the actual iteration effect by walking into the basement like in the real game, but he wants to have a working version of the full game when Forge is released.

As of now, there is no specific window or date for the release of Forge in infinite aura. Players can access the tools through leaked files and mods, but they can’t do much with their work at the moment because it can’t be saved in the game and loaded for other players to play. However, it will likely be one of the following things to come infinite aura As a co-op campaign is finally about to release.

What do you think of this recreation? Silent Hills/PT? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.


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