Disney + Season 2 premiere date announced for Game Changers

There’s a lot of new content to look forward to from Disney+, and the streaming site just announced some changes to its upcoming lineup. Marvel Strong woman It was made into a Thursday release, and a new release date for season two of . has been announced The Great Ducks: Game Changers. According to a new press release, the beloved hockey players will return to the rink on September 28.

At the end of last year, the original was revealed mighty ducks Emilio Estevez will not be returning for the second season. In January, Disney revealed it transformers Actor Josh Duhamel will take the lead on the show Gilmore Girls Alum, Lauren Graham. The two TV veterans will solidify the young cast of the new season, and both stars will be doing a bit of double duty, as it was recently revealed that they will be directing episodes. You can read the description of the second season of The Great Ducks: Game Changers less:

“After reclaiming the Mighty Ducks name last year, our team from the heart and their coach Alex Morrow (Lauren Graham) took to the road to attend an intense summer hockey institute in California run by charming and hard-core former NHL player, Colin Cole (Josh Duhamel). It’s a place for kids to become excellent. In a game of hockey – with no school in their way. As our ducks try to survive in this highly competitive environment, they face the question: Can you win the summer?”

Described as “inspiring, charming, and hardcore”, Duhamills runs the Summer Hockey Institute where he ends up playing the Mighty Ducks in season two.

after, after The The Great Ducks: Game Changers Renewed by Disney+ for a second season, issues between Disney and Estevez led to his exit from the franchise. Initial reports indicated that Estevez would not provide evidence to Disney that it would comply with the group’s COVID vaccine decisions. Estevez attributed his exit to contract disputes and creative differences with Disney and the series, going so far as to see that he wasn’t anti-vaccine, but was “anti-bullying.”

Are you looking forward to the second edition of The Great Ducks: Game Changers? Let us know in the comments!

The Great Ducks: Game Changers Returns to Disney+ on September 28.


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