Draymond Green has recruited the opposite of Kevin Durant this season

In the summer of 2016, Draymond Green recruited Kevin Durant into the Warriors. In the summer of 2022, he does the opposite.

Green and Durant didn’t always get along, but those Golden State teams were arguably among the best in NBA history. It’s hard to replicate four future Hall of Famers on Earth at the same time, and Joe Lacob’s front desk has achieved just that, at least for a few years.

Although Durant is available again this season via commerce, it looks like Dubs has gone off the gas on any KD chase. Having earned the NBA title, the Warriors don’t want to blow a good thing — and what it takes to get Durant is a distance and a half.

Instead of pressing for Durant again, Green turned his attention instead to… JaMychal Green?

Warriors: Draymond Green has recruited JaMychal Green

The pair have known each other since AAU ball, so there’s a reason they want to play together. Steve Kerr was the first to make the call, and Draymond followed up with a call of his own.

“He was just excited,” JaMychal Green He said. “We both know what to bring to the table, and we just had a good conversation about everything and it made it easy for me to come here.”

Both greens have the same thing on the team, and JaMychal knows that happens. There should be no confusion, especially in a team that already has a core tournament.

“Just come and play hard,” he said. “Be a dog. Do the dirty work – help Draymond with the dirty work. Knock down picks and play defense. I feel like if you come in here and run your business, you are establishing yourself for life.”

This kind of mentality is always welcome in a team like the Warriors. It’s winning time.

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