It is reported that Warner Bros. Still thinking about what to do with the movie

The future of the DC universe received a shocking update on Tuesday, when it was confirmed that Warner Bros. bat girl The film was shelved. This means the much-anticipated project won’t be released in theaters or on HBO Max, although it already finished production earlier this year, and reports suggest its co-star, Leslie Grace, could play a major role in the projects. DC coming. The news has caused fans to speculate at length about the larger future of the DC films, and New reports from diverse It may indicate that the conditions surrounding another film on the board may not be consistent. According to the outlet reports about bat girlDue to the cancellation, the studio is reportedly “still debating what to do about the upcoming” Sparkle The film is scheduled to be released in theaters in the summer of 2023.

Theme Sparkle And the bat girl – When and how each movie will be released – it was a unique movie, with the two movies tied together with the return of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Keaton is set to fold into current live DC Legends via Sparkle before resuming his role in bat girlwhich seems to indicate that Sparkle He’ll need to bow out in theaters first.

in the past months, Sparkle Star Ezra Miller has been the subject of a host of off-screen controversies, including multiple arrests in Hawaii earlier this year, as well as accusations of grooming and housing a family with three young children in an unsafe environment. Recent reports indicated that although Warner Bros. Miller is not planning to reprise her next role SparkleIn its release, the studio “committed to release” the film.

This new report from diverse It definitely adds a unique wrinkle to that, leading to speculation about whether or not the movie could remain a theatrical release, move up to a HBO Max exclusive, or some other alternative. Reports about bat girlIt appears that the cancellation of Warner Bros. Sparkle Definitely qualified as With a budget of $200 million.

Sparkle Set to be directed by He. SheMuschietti, with text from wild birds And the Batgirl Christina Hudson. It will also see Ben Affleck and Keaton’s iterations of Bruce Wayne/Batman, as well as Sasha Kaley as Super Girl, Kersi Clemons as Iris West, Ron Livingston as Henry Allen, Maribel Verdu as Nora Allen, Ian Law as young Barry Allen, and Saoirse Monica Jackson and Rudy Mancuso play roles that are currently unknown.

Sparkle It is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.


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