Jack Quaid on how the boys influenced his approach to controversy over Star Trek: Basement’s Most Awesome Moment

Star Trek: Lower Decks It is without a doubt the funniest offer the franchise has to offer. However, in its quest to ridicule science, there are times when a creator is passionate a trip Superfan Mike McMahan (who addressed fan concerns) and his crew have been grappling with the line between what some fans find funny and others find rude. Such was the case in Season 2, where one particularly difficult moment caused quite a stir. Jack Quaid recently spoke about the dispute, “at length and what his role was boys Perhaps he desensitized to this strange matter.

Jack Quaid had a substantive conversation with youtube jessie sexand the two touched briefly on “I, Excretus” specifically lower floors“Rawful Holodic Orgy Scene, which featured Quaid’s character, Bradward Poehler. The actor talked about the controversy and fan speech after the episode and explained it with work boys do what he did Star Trek There seems to be no major problem:

It was just such a fun time in my life because that episode came up, and then it was kind of like, ‘I don’t know, I’m in The Boys, so there seems to be an orgy in every episode, apparently, orgy isn’t mine anymore. That episode came out, and it was about a week later that the unquoted controversy started.People were like, “Oh, that’s so insulting to me,” and I’d love anything, but then again I come from The Boys, so it’s very natural to me.

Bradward Boehmer has had a high-profile moment from the orgy scene, as Mariner, as well as anyone who has Paramount + subscription, I watched the character on the ship’s rail completely naked with his legs spread in the air. Take a look at the moment the episode was censored with black tape:

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