Vampire Survivors Adds Cheats List in New Patch

Vampire survivors Released a new patch that includes a new cheat list. Vampire survivors Steam has been taken by storm as a chaotic, top-down action game. The game has found a lot of love from PC gamers thanks to being cheap, accessible, and a bit of a throwback to some of the old school games. Soon after its release, Vampire survivors It also became available on Steam Deck where it flourished as a touchscreen-enabled mobile game. The game has also been praised for its depth and replayability, making it a valuable buy, especially for its cheap starting price. However, the experience is only getting better as developer Luca Galante continues to update the game to add new features and content.

The latest update, 0.10.0, adds new achievements, secret content, characters and mods. If that is not enough, it will also add a new cheat list. Some of these cheats are wacky mods, such as those that roll in the user interface, and others allow the player to access the content sooner than usual. There is even a list of secret personalities available thanks to these cheats. You can have a look at the patch notes and cheat list Courtesy of RockPaperShotgun down below.

Correction notes:

Contains 2 new achievements and:
– 1 new arcana

– Incredible Secrets

Additional (not included in the roadmap):
– 2 new characters
– 1 new artifact


– New music track has been added in the bone area

– The arcana “I – Gemini” also influences and develops Gatti Amari and Nduja Fritta.

Unfortunately, this also fixes the Nduja never-ending bug in the dairy factory 🙁

– Arcana “V – Chaos in the Dark Night” has changed to: “The total projectile velocity constantly changes between -50% and +50% within 10 seconds. The character begins to gain 1% projectile velocity per level.”

– Arcana “XVII – Lost & Found Painting” changed to: “Total duration constantly changes between -50% and +50% within 10 seconds. Character starts gaining +1% duration of each level.”

– Arcana “XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions” changed to: “Total area constantly changes between -25% and +25% within 10 seconds. Character starts gaining +1% area on each level.”

Cheat list:

Extra / jokes

spinnn: rotates the user interface a little


Relaxenjoylife: Il Molise opens
Honesty: Moongolow opens
dotgogreenacres: Green Acres opens
rottingpizza: opens the bone area
Peak design: Boss Rush opens


exdashexoneviiq: Opens Exdash
tramezzini: Toastie opens. It only works if Exdash is unlocked.

main characters

Nonyladuna: Arca Ladonna
Vivaladonna: Porta Ladonna
Super LaDonna: Llama LaDonna
Strongest character: Bo Racho
bioparco: domario
faschiuma: shore clerici
By chance: Krushi Frito
Crystalmakeup: Kristen Davine
Yatabanda: Yata Cavallo
Caramba: Bianca Ramba
Reset: O’Sole Meeo
Lingorino: Sir Ambrogue


This should be opened by default: grim grimoire
It must be unblocked by default: Ars Gouda
Main Cheese: Milky Way Map
Egg white: glass
Teleportustomars: Mindbender
Random: Randomzzo + Sixth Arcana
icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet: The Great Gospel
thankelrond: magic banger
timecompression: Witch’s Tears
Behaviors, behaviors, behaviors, behaviors, behaviors, behaviors, behaviors: yellow flag

secret characters

Second Evolution: Georunton
earrivatolarrotino: big pants
lhovistoio: Cosmo Pavoni
fettinepanate: Bon Marabeu
iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme: lida
Pinocambino: Pepino
highfive: Poros gains
Deadly Irony: The Mask of the Red Death

What do you think of the new cheat list in Vampire survivors? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.



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