Warner Bros. announced. Discovery on the HBO Max / Discovery + Merger window

The expected release window for merging HBO Max and discovery+ has been announced by Warner Bros. Discovery during its Q2 2022 earnings call. The merger of the two streaming platforms has been a hot topic since Discovery bought WarnerMedia, since having two separate services wasn’t a priority for Warner Bros. CEO. Discovery David Zaslav. During the call, Zaslav stated that their top priority is to launch an “integrated SVOD service,” allowing subscribers to access content catalogs. The big question was when will HBO Max/discovery+ merge? It is now known that the expected launch is scheduled for next summer.

Summer 2023 is when Warner Bros. plans. Discovery to integrate HBO Max and discovery +. “Our primary focus in rolling out the channel will be on markets where HBO Max has already been launched,” said JB Perrett, president and CEO of Discovery Streaming & International. “We plan to launch the service sequentially starting in the US next summer, and Latin America will follow later in the year. European markets will follow with HBO Max in the early 24th with additional launches in key Asia Pacific territories and some new European markets coming later in 2024. Of course, as we get more development and testing work under our belts, we’ll explore ways to speed up the rollout if and where it makes sense.”

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, earlier on the call: “In terms of broadcasting, our main priority right now is to launch an integrated SVOD service.” “And in a few moments, JB will be talking more about strategy and some of the building blocks and major milestones as we bring HBO Max and Discovery+ together on one show. Our streaming strategy has evolved over the past year and really reflects the importance of rather than relying on this part of our global monetization plan. of content”.

“Once our SVOD service is established in the marketplace, we see real potential and are exploring the opportunity to offer fast or free ad-supported streaming that will give consumers who don’t want to pay a subscription fee access to great library content, while at the same time serving as an entry point into Our outstanding service.

at Warner Bros. Discovery now has a total of 92.1 million subscribers worldwide. This total includes HBO, HBO Max, and Discovery+, which rose by nearly 1.6 million subscribers in the second quarter. However, WBD didn’t break down subscriber numbers by individual service, so there’s no way to know exactly how HBO Max has performed over the last quarter.

While Warner Bros. succeeded. Discovery in increasing its global audience over the last quarter, has already lost subscribers in the United States. Total flow here in the states fell by about 300,000 in the second quarter.



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