Wired predicted 10 things that could destroy our future 25 years ago…and they succeeded!

wired The magazine was incredibly accurate when they predicted what could slow humanity down 25 years ago.

written by Peter Schwartz and Peter Leiden In 1997, they put together 10 positions that seem to have all played out.

Some predictions may have ambiguous meanings and it can be debated whether they actually came true, but others are undoubtedly facts.

What could spoil the future?

Here are 10 predictions written for Wired. Given that they were made 25 years ago, it’s amazing how close they came to being right on them all.

  1. Tensions between China and the United States will lead to a new cold war
  2. New technology does not increase productivity
  3. Russia has become a mafia-run kleptocracy or a nation-state that threatens Europe
  4. Eastern and Western Europe can not unite and there is a European regional crisis
  5. The biggest environmental crisis that will happen due to climate change
  6. The increase in terrorism and crime will create fear in society
  7. Increased pollution will lead to more cancer cases
  8. Energy and gasoline suppliers will shut down water taps due to resource disputes
  9. An uncontrollable epidemic will turn into an epidemic and kill more than 200 million people
  10. The social and cultural backlash will halt progress

While some of these statements need proper context, it is remarkable how close they are to knowing the future.



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