Boys shoot Warner Bros. and DC with “launch” Vought++

boys Maybe you’re taking a breather between seasons for now, but that doesn’t mean Prime Video’s social media game is taking a break from mocking the competition. last post from boys The Twitter page takes some live shots at Warner Bros. and DC Films, after a controversial week in the studio to announce some big changes in the direction of the DC franchise. One of the big changes coming is the integration of streaming services HBO Max and Discovery+ – and The Boys certainly enjoy it:

HBO has gone through several streaming brands that are worth joking. HBO On Demand, HBO Go, and HBO NOW all preceded HBO Max, which was meant to be the ultimate synthesis of Time Warner’s streaming services, attracting HBO, Cinemax, the DC Universe, and more brands into one huge streaming hub. But now that concept has been completely undone again by the entry of Discovery and vowed to create a larger and larger streaming hub, which will likely force HBO Max’s already awkward interface and product line even more confusing.

The Boys are clearly making a joke about how many times Warner Bros. has had to rebrand in the past decade — and how much it has cost the consumer to do so.

For The Boys: The show is currently running in season four, following the all-out team fighting game that was the end of season three. So far, we know two new faces will be Firecracker (Valorie Curry) and Sister Sage (Susan Hayward). Season 3 also created Homelander to have a powerful new ally: his son Ryan, who has fallen under his wing.

There is also a The Boys Spinoff Gen V series in the pipeline. This offer will screen some college students at a university for Supes.

“It’s about kids with complex psychological problems,” said Eric Kripke, the creator of Boys. diverse About Gen V. “So, in that way, it’s like ‘Ecstasy’. I don’t know if it’s quite as dark, honestly, as ‘Euphoria’. ‘Euphoria’ manages to be much darker than the movie world of ‘The Boys.’ They understand. They don’t hunt heroin in their school corridors, for example. But I hope we catch something real about what it’s like to be a kid in this hyper-saturated media landscape we all live in.”

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