Is Lizzo vegetarian? The singer eats vegetarian chicken wings on hot meals

Lizzo appeared on the latest episode of a YouTube talk show hot It made people wonder if it was vegetarian.

The About Damn Time singer ate Daring’s vegan chicken wings smothered in 10 increasingly spicy hot sauces as she talks about her life, music and career.

boldness is a vegan chicken brand that sells alternative meat products with simple ingredients and perfect flavour.

Lizzo passed the challenge, telling the host, “I was addicted to Hot Cheetos and survived the one slice challenge. So I think this is going to be a piece of the king cake.”

So, is Lizzo really vegan? Or was she testing vegan chicken dring? Read on to find out…

I time | Official Trailer | Netflix



I time | Official Trailer | Netflix





Is Lizzo vegetarian?

The 34-year-old has been a vegetarian since around May 2020. She was already a vegetarian for seven years before deciding to embark on an all-vegan diet.

She announced her transition to an all-vegan diet on TikTok, where she shared videos of herself making vegan Ben & Jerry’s bread, vegan Juneteenth snacks, and other vegan recipes.

“Being vegan and vegetarian was very easy except when I was drunk. I used to crave eggs with cheese so here is my alternative,” she said in one section.

in another place videoThe star shared what she eats a day as a vegan, including a green breakfast smoothie, kale and chickpea salad, vegan chito alternatives, and mushroom balls.

“As a new vegan, I enjoy exploring flavors from plants and plant proteins! Every journey is personal and worth celebrating,” she wrote in the caption.

Singer celebrates 6 months of veganism

Lizzo celebrated 6 months of vegan style tik tok in October 2020 by comparing two videos of her at different stages of her life.

In the first video, she’s making a “milkshake” in a blender, and in the second, she’s making a vegan protein shake.

“Honestly, I am these two women and I cannot condemn one woman or the other. I am happy both ways and now, this is what brings me joy,” she said.

And the singer continued: “This was received at the beginning of the quarantine. Happy, love myself, dance and you know what? I’m still that happy girl, I love myself and I love my body.”

“Love yourself in all stages of your life because you are who you are.”

Kourtney Kardashian announces bold chicken

Lizzo is not the only celebrity to have recently announced Daring Chicken products. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Parker did an entire campaign for the brand!

The take a picture It went viral on Twitter thanks to the weird snaps. In one photo, Kourtney wears a short red dress and topless Travis as they stand on a bed surrounded by bold products and meals.

Another funny picture shows them sitting on the kitchen floor staring at each other sweetly as they pull a vegetarian chicken out of the fridge.

Talking about why she wanted to take part in the campaign, Kourtney He said: “I’m not entirely vegan, but Travis has helped me maintain a mostly vegan diet, which is a lot easier with boldness.”

“I honestly can’t believe how much it tastes like chicken. There are a lot of plant-based proteins, but we are always looking for ultra-pure options with all-natural ingredients.”

Her husband Travis Parker has been a vegetarian for 33 years and hasn’t eaten meat since he was 13, so partnering with Daring “felt very appropriate” for him.

“Boldness is wonderful,” he said. “When I became completely vegan 15 years ago, the options were basically straight veggies, so I’m excited to see more vegan options on the menus.”

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