Johnny Depp sells $3.6 million of original artwork

It remains to be seen exactly what Johnny Depp’s career will look like after the defamation trial, but a recent report in the Sunday Times seems to suggest that even if he doesn’t regain his place as a top-tier movie star, it’s a viable career in the art world for reference. Depp recently revealed his first collection of artwork at a London gallery and is said to have sold more than $3.6 million in prints in his first sale weekend.

The collection is entitled “Friends and Heroes”, and consists of portraits that Depp has drawn of notable personalities that he categorizes in one or both of these categories. The four images in the set depict rock legends Keith Richards and Bob Dylan and movie stars Al Pacino and Elizabeth Taylor, whom Depp chose for their influence on his life and art. Here’s how the collection was described at the Castle Fine Art Gallery, where the collection was sold:

“Friends & Heroes from the Johnny Depp collection saw him focus on the people he knew so well, who inspired him as a person. Each image is an intimate reflection of their personality in Johnny’s eyes; a depiction of how they revealed themselves to him. From his dear friend Keith Richards, who inspired the behaviors of notorious Captain Jack Sparrow, to Bob Dylan, whose creative influence on the artist is shown in his vivid and timeless depiction of Johnny.”

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The collection was made available in 780 reported prints, all of which were sold out in a short time. The successful weekend wasn’t Depp’s first creative project since the end of his experiment in June: He also released a collaborative album with guitarist Jeff Beck called “18.” Meanwhile, Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard has appealed the verdict in Depp’s defamation lawsuit, putting her on the hook for more than $10 million in damages.

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