10 Hidden Areas You Probably Missed

Elden ring filled with strange sitesDeadly enemies and powerful artifacts. Along the unforgettable journey through the Lands Between, you’ll visit some amazing places – some are encountered while following grace’s instructions, while others can only be discovered by exploring the familiar path.

There are many hidden sites You may get stuck in the game. While there are quite a few hidden locations, some stand above the rest. Read on to find out the locations you might have missed while playing your first Elden Ring.


10/10 Naukron, the Eternal City

This area is pretty much missed – unless you’re working on completing Rani’s long quest – despite the fact that the entrance leaves quite the (literally) impact. after defeat STARSCORGE RADAN, a massive meteorite crashes into the land between. Specifically, the meteor is hitting South Mistwood, on the western edge of the Lymegrave. You will see the effect immediately after traveling to a location close to grace. Portions of the earth float in the sky, leading to the huge crater. Following this path eventually leads to Naukron, the Eternal City – a very beautiful site that can be seen from the Seuvra River.

9/10 Ground refreshing ground

Leyndell, the capital can be some maze. You are constantly navigating the narrow streets, looking for shortcuts and trails along the road to Erdtree itself. You’ll wander in and out of some streams as you explore, but it’s all too easy to completely miss the entrance to the subterranean Shunning-Grounds, which goes deep in the earth. This area is home to haters Dungeater NPC Together with Mohg, Omen’s chief fight. Without a guide, this region is near impossible to navigate: it involves winding through a broken pipe mazeDead ends and dead ends. You will face basilisk, giant rats, giant lobsters, deadly plants, and the most dangerous omen you will encounter in the game.

8/10 Dedicated Snow Field

This site requires a bit of legal work to get to, by following the Latina quest line and earning the Haligtree Secret Medallion cut. It is very easy to explode in this game and you never finish getting 2 pieces of medal, but you are given a lot of hints from Gideon And the latina Regarding the importance of getting these medal pieces.

The area itself is quite large, although somewhat barren compared to some of the more intense locations in the game, and offers another place Covered in beautiful snow An area with many small dungeons difficult to find.

7/10 Halliightree / Elfel from Miquela, Halligate Arch

Hidden Location Within a hidden location, Miquella’s Haligtree can only be accessed after exploring a dedicated snow field. By completing the deadly puzzle in Ordina, a liturgical city At the northern end of the consecrated snowfield, you can reach Halligtri in Mikila. This site is one of the most unique in the game, as it looks like a corrupted version of Rivendell From the Lord of the Rings with the beautiful structures built in Haligtree. Haligtree leads from Miquella to Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, and more damaged area More down the highlighter. Each of these areas has its own distinct character and features, and they offer some of the most challenging content in the game.

6/10 Mahjwin Palace

The early Mohgwyn Palace can be seen from the Siofra River – that high temple to the east in an underground area – but access to the site itself is very difficult. You can get here fairly early in the game by following the complex White-Faced Varre mission. Otherwise, you will need to wait until later in the game, after reaching Consecrated Snowfield. You will need to invade several times and find a file Specific teleporter Hidden behind some rocks on the western edge of the snow field. You may encounter a teleporter before it can be activated, making it even Easier to miss out on cool and creepy blood soaked place Which is the home of Mohaj, the lord of blood.

5/10 deep rooted deep

Another hidden underground location has been found, which is the entrance to the very Deeproot Depths Easy to miss. while exploring Naukron, the Eternal CityYou can deviate from the path and end up in Siofra Aqueducts. At the end of the channels, you will fight a difficult double boss: two Valiant Gargoyles. After defeating these bosses, you might think that this is just the end of the area, but if you explore the arena of bosses further, you will find one coffinCover, under the waterfall.

When climbing inside, you will be treated to a strange scene Where the ark travels to the top of the waterfall and casts you deep into the roots. In this area, you will come across giant ants, basilicas, knights, a walking shrine, and even an optional chief in Lichdragon Fortissax– Although it requires finishing Mission Via.

4/10 The Hidden Path to Haligtree – Secret Catacombs

In order to get to the consecrated snow field, you will have to run through the hidden path to Haligtree, but many players miss Secret Catacombs Hidden under this small area. While running across the relatively short track, you’ll encounter a break in the platform railing. If you walk over the ledge, then in reality you will land on an invisible path. There is a series of Invisible corridors Head down, down the hidden path to the Haligtree District. Even after discovering these unseen paths, you may still need a guide to navigate through the treacherous drops, but the rewards are well worth it. You will find many powerful upgrade materials Talisman Speldrick +2and one of 9 Deathroot items found throughout the game.

3/10 Abandoned Cave in Dragonbarrow

It is very difficult to find the abandoned cave. The entrance to the cave itself is high above the moat that runs north from Ionia swamp. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it’s very easy to bypass it. You will find high above the trench Twisted tree roots that makes a perilous “bridge” across the trench. If you follow these tree roots, it will lead to a small ledge and entrance deserted cave. Inside, you’ll find more Scarlet Rot (surprise, surprise) and the Gold Scarab, a spell that gives you a 20% increase in your Rune gain.

2/10 Celia Hideaway

This location is required as part of the Sorceress Sellen quest, but otherwise it’s just a small dungeon located in Caelid. The entrance is hidden behind an imaginary wall north subordinate Plague Church, which you will visit as part of Millicent’s Questline mission. The entrance doesn’t really have any identifying adjectives, so it’s very easy not to know its existence outside of looking for a clue. Once inside, you will be treated to some treacherous passages along huge crystal surges as you make your way deeper and deeper into the cave. You will eventually get a file triple crystal. With the right weapon, this boss isn’t much of a problem, but unless you take hit damage, they’ll feel impossible.

1/10 Garburg

Easily to find the most hidden spots on the Elden Ring, the Jarburg can only be discovered by jumping over the eastern edge of the Liurnia of the Lakes, dropping a series of Tombstones To get to the small settlement below. Garburg is Extraordinarily peaceful settlement, fully occupied by the friendly Living Jars (until Diallos arrives later if you keep up with his mission). They live in huts and small houses, take care of their gardens and generally have a happy time. You will meet a charming little boy named Bern’s neighbor Who would like to one day grow up to be like a warrior neighbor iron fist alexander. The Jarburg is a great place to step back from the chaos of the world, and is also a great place to gather any flower materials you’re looking for, as many grow and live in small gardens.

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