Elden Ring Player recreates the enemy with an incredible LEGO construction

Clever elden ring A player created LEGO with the goal of capturing an image of one of the game’s most mysterious objects: the walking shrine. These creatures roam the lands in between and can interact with players who want to know their secrets, but for those who just want to look at and study them, you’ll be able to appreciate the design from the creator of the LEGO-fied The Walking Shrine.

This creator is a Reddit user the homeless who have shared photos below to show what their version of a walking shrine looks like. Inside the pictures we have a LEGO figure as well as a cat of some sort of scale to show how tall this structure is.

The awesome shrine you built with LEGO From

Within the comments of the Reddit post as well as some descriptions on the images, we learn more about this build. The builder said it hammered about 30 pounds and consisted of somewhere between 5,000-6,000 pieces. The builder said the interior of the Walking Shrine consisted of “a lot of technic,” and as far as these pieces came from, the creator credited the various set of pieces to the Pick-a-Brick offerings at the LEGO Store as well as over 20 years of collecting.

If this LEGO version of the creature from elden ring Sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen this Same user post from months ago That showed the upper half of the walking shrine. This top alone was 17 inches tall and about 24 pounds alone, so you can imagine how the bottom half contributed to the build in terms of size.

When it comes to walking shrines in elden ring, neither “creature” nor “enemy” really feel like the best words to describe them due to their function and design. They are not exactly hostile enemies but respond to attack and, for the most part, roam like giant tortoises carrying a shrine on their backs. Once players can drop them to the ground, they hide a powerful boon for those looking for Boss Remembrances.


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