Braves make amazing list moves to tackle the stuttering bowler

The Atlanta Braves struggled with starting bowler Ian Anderson to Triple-A Gwinnett.

After another bad outing, the Atlanta Braves decided Ian Anderson needed to spend time with the Gwinnett Strippers.

Prior to the conclusion of their series against the hated New York Mets, Anderson and Team Spirit player Guillermo Heredia were selected for third-a-gwinnett. Atlanta called up right-hander Huascar Yenoa and called up backup Chadwick Trump. This is to make up for Atlanta, who could potentially lose catcher Travis D’Arno. Although the X-ray came out negative, it is listed as daily.

Anderson went for 4.2 runs, allowing for four wins on his last outing with the Braves. While Atlanta won the Friday night game he started in, Anderson didn’t take the decision because he couldn’t even get through five rounds. He may have nine wins on the season, but his 5.11 ERA is terrible. Unfortunately, he doesn’t even qualify because he only participated in 105.2 innings.

Atlanta might need it at some point, but Anderson has to figure out a few things in Triple-A now.

Here’s what Anderson had to say about his demotion ahead of the Braves’ final match against New York.

In fact, the Atlanta Braves chose struggling starter Ian Anderson to Triple-A

Even if Anderson’s suffering is the elephant in the room inside the Atlanta spin, it’s almost hard to fathom this is the same bowler who has appeared on the scene in a big way during the year of COVID. The 24-year-old from outside Albany, New York was Atlanta’s No. 3 overall pick in the 2016 MLB Amateur competition. His stuff was electric throughout his first two years with the team.

so what happened? Either he misses Burgundian boy Jock Pederson badly or he’s dealing with the fallout from high school classmate Kevin Huerter who’s been shipped out of town to the Sacramento Kings. Either way, every other Braves player is at least a complete run better than Oole Aqualung in the ERA division, including the everlasting Charlie Morton who came out with a broken leg.

So what should Anderson do now? Will he find his locomotive breath again in the face of poor competition? The problem for Braves’ unofficial flutist is that the other four starters in Atlanta all throw more force than him at Morton, Max Fried, Kyle Wright, and the Stache N Gas master himself, Spencer Strider. Anderson hasn’t been able to locate his Fastball all season, which makes his change worse.

While Anderson returns to the minors with Nada Humble, it will be a return to the Atlanta rotation for Ynoa. Before hitting the bench last season, Ynoa was a pleasant surprise to the Braves staff for a year or so. Although the rotation will shrink to three or four in October, Atlanta needs to position fifth in the next two months to get there.

Whether it’s mechanical or mental, let’s hope Anderson finds Wright stuff like Kyle had to.

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