LEGO Mega Icons The Castle of the Lion Knights returns tonight

To celebrate its 90th anniversary, LEGO goes back to its roots in a big way with the LEGO Icons 10305 Lion Knights castle. Created as an ode to the original castle from 1984, the 2022 edition will include 4,514 massive blocks, 22 minifigures, and loads of fun features and secrets like drawbridge and walkways, hidden passages, moving walls, dungeon escape paths, an armory, And a spinning water cart. This massive dose of LEGO nostalgia promises to be one of the most popular sets of ages, and your next chance to own it happens tonight, August 7/8 at 9PM PST / 12AM EDT.

LEGO Icons Castle 10305 Lion Knights was available exclusively to LEGO VIP members on August 3 and sold out quickly. The collection is expected to return on August 8 with everyone else’s availability. Could you Sign up for a free LEGO VIP account here And pick up the Lion Knights fortress group Here in the LEGO Store Priced at $399.99. We’re expecting another general release quick sale, so you’ll want to be ready and waiting for launch time.


While you’re at it, you might want to check out the huge number of LEGO sets released on August 1st. This includes 10497 Galaxy Explorer Kit ($99.99), which joins the castle of the Lion Knights as a throwback edition to celebrate 90 years of LEGO play. Additional details about the Knights Castle collection can be found below.

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The new castle set is one of those LEGO versions that can make you feel like a kid again. There are a lot of fun details here. For example, the water wheel is attached to a mill, there is a fortified door in the dungeon that you can engage when the inhabitants of the jungle invade (and a secret passage you can use to help them escape), small characters that include a queen, knights, archers, wizards and the people of the aforementioned jungle, towers, turrets, And Valhalla, and more. You can even close the entire group to form a completely closed castle.


Licensed sets from the likes of Star Wars and Marvel are great, but this castle set is LEGO at its best. For this reason, we really expect you to fly, so take advantage of the VIP window and Head to LEGO After 12 a.m. ET on 3/8. Again, you’ll get another shot after 12 a.m. ET at 8/8. Then, getting this amazing set can be more difficult – and/or more expensive.


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