Pandasaurus announces two games, including Fox Experiment by Wingspan Designer

Pandasaurus Games has announced two new strategy games, including one co-designed by the designer. her wings. Last week, Pandasaurus Games announced plans to publish two new strategy-themed games, each with a dog theme. Wolves It is a medium weight strategy game in which players try to build their wolf pack by recruiting new wolves and expanding their hunting grounds. Pushing your territory too far leaves your wolves vulnerable to being snatched away by a rival group, so balancing aggressiveness and maintaining control seems to be key. Wolves It was designed by Ashwin Kamath & Clarence Simpson and will go on retail next October with a retail price of $49.95. Pre-orders for the game will be published later this month.

Pandasaurus has also announced plans to launch a Kickstarter for fox experience new game her wings Designers Elizabeth Hargrave and Jeff Fraser. fox experience It is a throw-and-write game in which players “breed” domesticated foxes by choosing pairs of foxes’ parents to get cubs. Each puppy has different traits, as players try to breed puppies with specific combinations of traits by the end of the game. In addition to rolling and typing mechanics, players can also use fox-shaped meeples as they progress through the game. The game is inspired by the experience of Belyaev-Trut who attempted to domesticate foxes in 1959, hoping to gain insight into how wolves were domesticated in the ancestors of modern dog breeds. fox experience It will hit Kickstarter on September 6th. Retail price for . has not yet been announced fox experience.

Pandasaurus is famous as a publisher machi koro And the The world of dinosaurs. Other games recently announced by the publisher include summer ski and Wildstyle.


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