Strange New Worlds cast Tease Seasson 2 as ‘Season 1 on Steroids’

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds He debuted with the critically acclaimed first season that left Star Trek fans craving for more. They will get it as Star Trek: Strange New Worlds The second season of filming has already ended. As for what season two will entail, the stars are suggesting it’ll be just like season one, but more so. Talking to collider About the new season, co-star Ethan Beck, who plays Spock, said that co-host Henry Alonso Myers “describes season two as the first season on steroids. I think that’s probably the most accurate way to put it.” Christina Chung, who plays Lan Nonnin Singh, added, “Yeah, I agree with you. It takes everything to another level. For example, the fantasy episode, episode eight, that came out of nowhere, which will top in season two.”

The new season will also see more James T. Kirk work, likely on Prime Timeline this time around. Paul Wesley first appeared in the role in Star Trek: Strange New WorldsSeason One Final.

“I said in a previous interview that the success of the first season is only within 14 minutes of screen time at the end,” Wesley joked in the interview. “No, I’m excited because the first season finale was clearly based on ‘The Balance of Terror’, which was the original series episode, which was a very intense episode. And so I’m looking forward to season two because Kirk is going to lose a little bit, have a little fun, be a little…and no be far from the future timeline of Kirk.Kirk will become young in original series canon, so I’m excited to explore that.”

He continued, “When I did my meeting with Henry and Akiva, the important thing was just, ‘Don’t try to make an impression on Shatner. Don’t take what’s already done, and try to do your own spin. something.’ Basically, “Do whatever you want” is kind of… they really entrusted me. Thus, I didn’t have that pressure to have to conform. Obviously, you’re working within standards, but it’s a high schedule, it’s an alternate future, and they were really like, “Just do your own thing.” It will take time, but in the end, it will be this version of Kirk. And so, it’s really about respecting it, but not trying to imitate it.”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 is streaming now Paramount +. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds The second season is expected to begin in 2023.



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