The Complete Legend of Zelda Timeline Explained

Although the series began in 1986, it wasn’t until 2011 that it was a New York Times bestseller hyrule hystoria He released an authoritative timeline for fans to base Hyrule’s history on. Schedule starts at Sword toward the sky And travels over thousands of years to Breath of the wild. On top of that, the timeline contains all of the major Legend of Zelda titles along with a split that is scratching fans and spectators alike. All “sub-games” that are inconsistent with the law or otherwise like Hyrule Warriors It is not recognized. Over the timeline, there are many different “eras” that usually refer to periods in which the game took place, wars, and huge geographic variations.


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The creation of heaven and earth and the age of heaven

After the world and the Triforce were created by the three Golden Goddesses, Farore, and Nayru, they left their creations, including the Hylians and the Triforce under the protection of the goddess Hylia. Hylia and everything she sought to protect immediately became endangered by the Demon King Demise, who had a burning desire to take the Triforce and its power. Death and his army approached Hylia with force and destroyed everything in their path. Then Hylia brought the humans from the surface and took them to an island in the sky for thousands of years. This safe haven will be called Skyloft. While humans lived in prosperity above the clouds, Hylia fought death, eventually imprisoning him. Hylia suffers fatal wounds during the fight but comes up with an intricate plan after realizing that death will one day escape. These plans included messages, items, and trials for a chosen hero to abide by.

The first Skyward Sword in the timeline is a must, as the game meticulously explains how and why Link, Zelda and Ganondorf’s reincarnations emerged. The main takeaway in the Skyward Sword is that Zelda and Ganondorf are embodiments of the goddess Hylia and the Demon King Demise. When death is defeated, it foreshadows what to expect in future generations; “An embodiment of hatred will absolutely follow your own kind, condemning them to wander in the sea of ​​darkness filled with blood forever“.

When death is defeated, the asparagus returns to its rightful place on the surface. During the boom era, the Hellenes established the Hyrule kingdom. Throughout the period of strength, both Minish cap And the four swords Speak – both games center around the primary villain, Fati.

The era of the champion of time and division

During the Hyrule Civil War, another link was born. This fragment creates an important section of the timeline that eventually caused the complex schism; The era of the hero of time, known as ocarina of time. Just before the end of the credits, Princess Zelda feels guilty for causing Link to miss years of his life for helping her restore peace to Hyrule. To relieve her guilt and express her thanks to Link, he brought him back in time with the Ocarina of Time. Zelda unknowingly caused the timeline to split, as there are three versions of Hyrule’s fate.

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Two of the divisions in the timeline fall within The Hero is Triumphant who victorious Link in defeating Ganondorf. These two divisions have identical names, child age and adult age, and they are both differentiated due to whether or not Zelda sends the link in time. Child’s Age is the end of players’ experience At the end of Ocarina of Time, Link is sent back as a kid and defeats Ganondorf by warning the royal family before chaos occurs, causing the sacred world to be protected while Ganondorf awaits execution.

child age

The age of the child is born with three toys: Majora’s Mask, Princess of TwilightAnd the The Adventures of the Four Swords. Majora’s Mask is a sequel to Ocarina of Time, which once again follows the hero of time. More than a century later, Twilight Princess takes place during the Twilight Era. Shadow invasion begins, and ends with Link saving Hyrule from this devastating conflict between parallel dimensions and stabbing Ganondorf to death.

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adult era

The Adult Age spawns the alternate ending of Ocarina of Time where Zelda doesn’t send a link back in time, and Ganondorf is defeated by locking up in the Holy Kingdom. During the Adult Era, a long era known as the Hero Without Era occurs in which there is no bond in sight, Ganondorf is resurrected, and Hyrule drowns. Three matches happen next: Awake wind, phantom hourglass, And the Soul Paths. In The Wind Waker, Link Ganondorf is killed. Then comes the Age of the Great Journey, where another continent is discovered, and the new kingdom of Hyrule is established, followed by Hyrule’s rebirth through Spirit Tracks.

defeated the hero

The third division in the timeline is known as: the defeat of the hero, due to the death of the hero of time. With the victory of the King of Thieves, this leads to Hyrule’s decline and the last hero. The prison war begins, the age of light and darkness takes place, Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Ages, And the oracle classes. With the advent of the dark age the legend of zelda And the Link Adventurewhere Ganon is resurrected and also blocked.

Breath of the Wild is far below the rest of the games in terms of chronology and science. On top of that, she follows her story during the Age of Catastrophe, and Ganon is locked down.

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