New game in the dark apparently teased by insiders

A new game in the Alone in the Dark video game series seems to have drawn the scorn of a prominent insider. First launched in 1992, Alone in the Dark is a series of horror and survival films that has received quite a few different entries over the past two decades. And while the franchise has been dormant since 2015, it looks like it may be back soon somehow.

In a recent message on social media, a user by the name of “The Snitch” tweeted a message that could have links to Alone in the Dark. Specifically, this user, who has had many minute scoops in the past with upcoming video game ads, said, “Fear of the dark is what keeps most of us alive.” While this message baffled some followers at first, others were quick to note that the line appeared in 2005 alone in the dark Film adaptation. As such, the implication from this tweet is that a new game in the series could be announced sometime soon.

Overall, it would make sense for a new Alone in the Dark game to be announced later this week given the events that are about to happen. Specifically, publisher THQ Nordic is set to hold a new event on August 12 where it will reveal new information about upcoming titles. THQ Nordic happens to be the owner of Alone in the Dark IP after it bought the property from Atari in 2018.

It is now clear what a new version of Alone in the Dark will look like at this point in time. Although the original games in the series were generally well received, it’s 2008 alone in the dark and 2015 Alone in the dark: the lighting Both were largely panned by critics and fans. As such, it’s hard to know what form a return to this franchise will take, whether it’s with an all-new installment or perhaps a remake of the original game. Either way, it looks like we won’t have to wait any longer to see if a new trailer related to the series comes out later this week.

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