Johnny Depp’s appearance as King Louis XV was revealed in a teaser for Netflix’s Jeanne Du Barry

Why Not Productions decided to drop the new look Johnny Depp will sport King Louis XV In the new Netflix movieJane Du BarryFrench director MaywinHer historical love story would have her playing the titular prostitute in the movie. The production company also confirmed that it began shooting the movie on July 26, and it will run for 11 weeks in locations including Versailles and other castles in Egypt. Paris region.

There will also be plenty of filming inside the studio’s undisclosed location. After the storm, calm comes to Johnny Depp, who can finally feel like an actor again after all the drama he’s been through. The story you tell King Louis XV She began her secret life as a womanizer in filming.

The first picture of Depp is King Louis XV

In this historical piece, the story will center on the life of Jane Du Barry, Who was he King Louis XV The last royal mistress in the court of Versailles. she was Madame de Pompadour successor. Back in that era, it was common for a king to have many mistresses.

Jane Du Barry Born into poverty, a working-class woman longs to learn about other cultures and have fun. She used her wits and magic to get the highest level in French aristocracy. Influencing her in the life of King Louis XV, he regains the suspense to live while the two fall deeply in love.

In the first picture of Johnny Depp as King LouisYou can see him wearing a white wig as he was used at the time. A picture of the king is shown covering his eyes with a black cloth.

Could this be too Johnny Depp Back to behave well? He hasn’t been the same for the past decade but we know he was very distracted by the whole drama surrounding his marriage. There is also a video of Depp in full costume while filming rhe. You can check it out below.


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