Why is comedian Patton Oswalt portrayed as a catfishing father in I Love My Dad

In the stand-up comedy world, Patton Oswalt is a superstar. The large number of highly praised specials he wrote and performed during his career led to five Grammy Award and Emmy Award nominations. In his acting career, he was Goldberg And the AP Biography The star continues to bring laughter. However, every now and then we see a slightly darker side of the comedy, and it’s fair to say that his new movie I love my dad falls into that category. So why bring the notorious idiot to this semi-autobiographical story dealing with suicidal thoughts and childhood trauma? We recently introduced writer and director James Morosini.

In the movie, Patton Oswalt plays a father who, after splitting from his troubled teenage son, decides to hunt him down online as a young woman interested in romance. When asked why Oswalt would be the man for the role, James Morosini told CinemaBlend this:

I mean, I’ve been a fan of Patton for as long as I can remember. I think it has an incredible ability to pump out dark matter. The guy is a comedic genius, but he also has a massive heart. And I know those qualities are going to be really important in this character, and he’s a guy, he’s just an artist and an incredibly generous collaborator. And making this movie with him was so much fun.

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