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Rita (Lucy Briers) is seated in front of a seemingly capable blonde woman. But Rita hasn’t left her home in six months and continues to search for hand sanitizer. As an agoraphobia and OCD sufferer, she is ill, and Jess is her therapist.

Actress and stand-up comedian Martinez continues in this vein as a variety of disabilities are dealt with and then not undermined so much as blown the carpet with humor.

As a comedian, Martinez knows the value of good winnings and has excellent comedic timing. When Spitfire Poppy (Francesca Mills) roars in her seemingly rocket-powered wheelchair to claim her right to a sex life fueled by Tinder and vinegar chips with vinegar, it becomes a rowdy, messy, and prank story.

However, there is a wave of righteous anger over the way people with disabilities are forced to deal with austerity measures that reduce their benefits and their sense of value as well.

The play begins to sag under the weight of its ambition, with a counter-argument over the benefits of fraud, a false romance between Jess and an aggressive alcoholic (Brian Dick), and, worst of all, an unlikely coincidence involving the local Tory MP. (Michael Gould), Martinez nullifies some of the good work she’s done.

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