Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s honeymoon has apparently revealed their different responses to the paparazzi

The world was shocked to learn that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally made the deal and got married on July 16 in Las Vegas. They’ve only been dating for a year and engaged for three months, after all. However, it was also the second time at this rodeo that the pair had previously been engaged in the early 2000s. With this failed attempt came some hard-earned experience dealing with the paparazzi in their relationship, but the honeymoon apparently revealed their different responses to scrutiny nowadays.

After they officially become Mr. and Mrs. Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez set out on the family’s all-inclusive honeymoon trip to Paris, France. (Their children from previous relationships were there as well, as were their parents) According to some reports, deep water The star was heard whispering sweet things to his new wife, and JLo’s mother, in turn, reportedly said that she “always knew Ben was the love of Jen’s life” around the same time. It seems like an absolute new bliss from all accounts – the only problem apparently was how they were constantly polluted by the media. source for Sixth page Reports suggest Affleck was visibly ‘terrified’ of the ‘Princess Diana level’ of the paparazzi repeating themselves again.

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