CGE reveals deal with Devil Board

CGE has revealed that its next game will be Deal with the Devil, and it will be a Euro-style game for four players that will have you trying to complete the construction of grand buildings in a medieval city. To make it happen, you’ll need resources, but to get those resources, you’ll need to be a clever deal maker, navigating and engaging with other players to get what you need, always knowing that one of the players is the one working in secret. Satan, and all they want is your soul. The game will release at Essen Spiel later this year and was designed by Matus Kotry with artwork from David Cochard, Stepan Drastak and Martin ‘Skas’ Krejci, and you can take a first look at the game below.

In Deal with the Devil, players will take on the roles of humans and cults with one player secretly playing the devil. The game will use an app to keep track of who is trading with through the trading stage, where players can offer resources for money. Instead, Satan’s role will lure humans with goods in exchange for a piece of their souls, and cultists are more oriented toward selling their souls easily.

(Photo: CGE)

While the app alone knows it all, your actions can raise the suspicions of other players, and may also put the Inquisition on your tail, looking to punish those who can’t prove their souls are intact. While this is all happening, you are trying to construct buildings and landmarks, so the question becomes how will you achieve your goal?

You can find the official description of Deal with the Devil below.

Deal with the Devil is a deep themed euro-style game for four players set in a medieval fantasy era. Players compete to construct large buildings in a medieval city. To become a successful ruler, you need resources. To get resources, You need to make smart deals, and give the things they really need to other players.One player is secretly the devil and really needs a piece of your soul.All identities and deals are kept, thanks to the simple app, and no one really knows who is who.

Deal with the Devil releases later this year and retails for $69.95.

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