Game creators are pushing for new additional content, changes planned

Evil Dead: The Game Already got new content since its launch like dark army The update added another map and more, and this week, the creators teased more plans for DLC planned for the future. These tips came along with discussions on some of the hottest topics being discussed within the community and issues players face in the game that the Saber Interactive team said were being looked at.

The latest update on all of these topics and more came from community manager Saber Interactive Cal who posted on the game’s subreddit. As for the conversations about the DLC, there wasn’t much to say at the time of publication, but the developers hinted that more news is on the way.

“Indeed, we have news for you about this very soon,” Cal said on the topic of DLC. “Keep an eye on our social media.”

While some of the other areas discussed relate to either Survivor Teams or the Devil, specifically, the area that impacted the former the most is the longer waiting times that some experience. The developers acknowledged that long waiting lists for survivors are currently being experimented with and that more information and a fix for this issue will be shared soon as well.

“In the latest update, we’ve integrated both the West and East Coast players and deployed hub-based servers,” Cal said. “We’ve seen improved waiting lists at the time. However, we’ve recently seen long waiting lists for survivors and we’re actively looking at ways to help reduce the amount of time you spend waiting in the queue. Stay tuned.”

A change that will affect both parties and planned in the future is a change that will increase the distances between the different goals. Depending on how this affected both teams, it would appear that he would prefer demons over survivors.

“In the next patch, we will increase the minimum distance between targets so that you don’t occasionally make them multiply close to each other,” the post said. “Also when the demon is expelled after the end of an objective stage, we will spawn said demon near the next target. This is so demons can choose to start preparing for survivors in exchange for spending that time traveling across the map.”

Find more teasers about Evil Dead: The Game Downloadable content and other topics to be shared soon.


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