Helen Hoen Re-elected President of the HFPA

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has announced the re-election of Helen Hoenn for another term as president. According to the HFPA’s press release, Hohen won “by an overwhelming margin.”

“I am really humbled and grateful to be re-elected,” Hoen said. “This is a vote of confidence in the changes we’ve made and the path we’ve charted in moving the HFPA forward with its reforms toward greater diversity, integrity and transparency. I am optimistic about our future and the future of the Golden Globe Awards, as well as the impact we hope will have in using this platform to continue our charitable efforts.”

Hoehne’s tenure as president marked an important period in the history of the HFPA, which came under fire last year over a 2021 Los Angeles Times investigation into the group. The Times found allegations of questionable financial practices within the small organization that presides over the Golden Globes, as well as a severe lack of diversity and representation (including a lack of black members). In response, Hoehne led the admission of a large and diverse membership class. Since August 2021, the HFPA has undergone a complete review of its bylaws and adopted a code of conduct along with mandatory diversity, harassment and sensitivity training for all members.

The news comes on the heels of Eldridge Industries’ acquisition of the Golden Globes, which will be turned into a private entity separate from the HFPA’s charitable and charitable programs. HFPA members voted to approve the transfer of ownership to Eldridge, which is managed by interim CEO Todd Buhley.

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