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Need a quick recap of Never Have I Ever Season 2 before you start enjoying the recently released Season 3? HITC has you covered.

Mindy Kaling was definitely an iconic figure before that I never did; However, the success of the new Netflix series has certainly cemented its place in the hearts of fans around the world.

The hit series debuted in 2020, returning for a second season in July 2021 and today, August 12The tenthIt debuted its third and penultimate season worldwide.

However, with a long gap between Seasons 2 and 3, fans may have forgotten many key moments from the previous version – here’s a quick recap of Never Have I Ever Season 2, so you can enjoy Season 3 in peace.

I’ve never done before | Season Three Official Trailer | netflix india



I’ve never done before | Season Three Official Trailer | netflix india





Never Have I Ever Season 2 – Quick Stop Summary

Season 2 of Never Have I Ever begins with Devi dating both Ben and Paxton after a steamy make-up session by the beach, believing that she and her family will soon move to India.

However, her mother decided that California was the best place for the family, which led to Davy embarrassingly having to confront both potential suitors at the school.

Paxton and Davy quickly mend their relationship with Davy who has been doing Paxton’s homework since he broke his arm at a notorious house party – secretly hoping the tutorial would bring the two closer together.

Meanwhile, a new transfer student named Aneesa is making a fuss at school and drawing Ben’s attention – much to the annoyance of Davy who is still trying to play on all sides.

Despite this, Davy spreads a rumor that Anisa has anorexia, something that turns out to be true and eventually leads to Anissa’s mother trying to get her out of school again – the truth comes out and Davey gets suspended.

Fortunately, after some stern words from parents and friends alike, the two reconcile and become very close – until Ben and Anisa officially meet soon.

Paxton is glad to see better grades because Davey helps him with his work and sneaks into her room for another make-up session. However, Davy becomes understandably confused and frustrated when he calls her “friend” and continues to act as friends only when the two are out in public.

The tension becomes apparent when Davey asks Paxton to attend the Winter Dance – but he rejects her by saying he doesn’t want to date her in public after she insulted him twice with Ben.

Winter Dance brings more drama; Paxton has announced that he’s Devi’s boyfriend, which seems to be causing some stress on old Ben – he’s not quite ready to move on from Devi after all.

Elsewhere, Eleanor begins dating Malcolm but they break up after it was revealed that he cheated on her multiple times – a good reason to get back together with her best friend.

Meanwhile, Fab struggles to deal with her own thoughts about sexuality, as she worries about how her family (especially her mother) will react. Fortunately, she has her best friend with her again to help her out – Fab confesses her love to Eve and the two become the queen and queen of Winter Dance.

However, romance and tension are not just for students, as Devi Nalini’s mother develops a relationship with a rival dermatologist after a quick trip to India.

Davy is not happy with her mother’s new romance and tries to spy on the two on a date. Comically, she ends up falling from the rooftop and dropping her phone in the jacuzzi – Devi and Nalini have a big fight, but soon reconcile after Mohan’s unexpected loss.

Finally, Kamala faces a difficult situation as she has to summon a sexist assistant at her new workplace with Dr. Elgin Peters. The last straw is when the help leaves her name from the research paper, which results in Kamala finally defending herself and putting Evan in his rightful place.

Despite this workplace drama, there is more tension that awaits Kamala at home. While she is about to enter into an arranged marriage with Prashant, she begins to form a relationship with Davy’s English teacher – the two even go to karaoke together instead of attending a family dinner.

Now you’re all caught up in the main events of Never Have I Ever Season 2 and can get you started on Season 3 – but how many episodes does it need to binge?

How many episodes are in season 3?

Never Have I Ever Season 3 premiered earlier today, August 12The tenthOn the Netflix streaming platform.

The third installment of the hit series Featured 10 more episodes, bringing the total number of the series to 30:

  • episode 1 – “[Never Have I Ever]…the slut has been exposed”
  • Episode 2 – “[Never Have I Ever]… I had my own elf”
  • Episode 3 – “[Never Have I Ever]…it was Valentine’s Day”
  • Episode 4″[Never Have I Ever]…make someone jealous”
  • Episode 5[Never Have I Ever]… shaded”
  • Episode 6″[Never Have I Ever]… he had a breakdown”
  • Episode 7″[Never Have I Ever]… cheated”
  • Episode 8[Never Have I Ever]…communication with my friend”
  • Episode 9[Never Have I Ever]…he had an Indian friend”
  • Episode 10[Never Have I Ever]…Live the dream”

Written by Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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