WWE Report says Talent Believe Project Might Happen Soon

It looks like the WWE Draft could happen sooner rather than later. New report from Choose a fight It states that the talent is internally speculating that the WWE draft will happen shortly after the upcoming Clash at the Castle Premium live event. It hasn’t been confirmed for the talent yet, but other things they’ve said about it have led to the belief that it could happen, especially when combined with Monday Night Raw and SmackDown’s in-house talent schedules in the following weeks. The report also cites writers who suggest talent recaptures are likely to follow the draft rather than the near future.

In terms of talent schedules, Clash at the Castle takes place on September 3rd, and the talent show SmackDown is said to be slated for September 5th and 12th episodes. There are also Raw stars scheduled for September 9 SmackDown, so it looks like some transformation will happen after Clash at the Castle.

The easiest way to do this is with the WWE Draft, giving each show’s roster a new boost with some moves and maybe some extra payouts and surprises. On the refill note mentioned above, this time frame is also when we can see some stars receiving new appearances and characters, and two of the names that are expected to see some changes are Max Dupri and T-Bar. Dupri is also scheduled to appear during tonight’s SmackDown, and the T-Bar appeared during the last main event.

Dupri was recently introduced alongside Male Maximum Models, but after a week or two there seems to be some conflict behind the scenes. Previous reports suggested that Vince McMahon then pulled him out of the group and offered Maxine Dupree to take over, but then Max appeared again the following week. If Max gets a new bundle, many will love to see him return as LA Knight in NXT, but we’ll have to wait and see. As for T-Bar, just like Max, he will likely benefit from returning to his next character as Dominik Dijakovic.

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