Hideo Kojima Tease gives fans hope with a new reveal

Game creator Hideo Kojima tweeted a little bit recently PT just celebrated its anniversary, but amidst those reviews of that match that was never the case, other tweets by Kojima caught the attention of his fans. Kojima said Friday that he has “tentatively finished editing for the time being” while posting two photos showing his workstation as well as some software supposedly being used to edit some type of video based on what’s being shown. Based on tweets similar to those Kojima has shared in the past, people are now hoping for some sort of revelation to happen soon with the possible next phase of such a reveal of the Gamescom event taking place this month.

Kojima’s tweet in question can be seen below, and if you’re not a frequent visitor to his social media accounts, it probably didn’t look like much since there aren’t any assets to dissect it or anything of that sort. Kojima fans have been trained to look out for teasers and hints about what’s coming up, however, with that in mind, it’s clear that people have their own set expectations for the trailer.

The PlayStation event referenced above is not a confirmed event but rather a PlayStation show that is rumored to happen in the next couple of weeks. While PlayStation has been involved in Summer Game Fest events to some extent, its presentation to the event wasn’t quite as big as those big PlayStation shows, along with other rumors and PlayStation’s confirmed absence from Gamescom, leading people to believe a separate event is coming.

Whether Kojima has a trailer planned for Gamescom, PlayStation Showcase, or something else entirely, we know that his studio, Kojima Productions, has at least two different titles in the works at this time. He confirmed this late last year in a message shared with Famitsu, and while we don’t know for sure what is being worked on, rumors have tried to determine what these projects are. Death Stranding 2 Seems like a sure bet based on some of the answers from death strand Star Norman Reedus while the second game is rumored to be an Xbox title.

Kojima hasn’t been confirmed to be appearing at Gamescom nor has he said the trailer is definitively on the way, so stay tuned for the event’s opening night on August 23 to see if he’s in attendance with the reveal.


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