How does the interview with TV actors Lestat and Louis from The Vampire feel about comparisons to the 1994 movie with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt

Adapting a long-loved written work to television probably won’t be an easy task for writers and producers, and one can imagine that complications increase even more when these small screen projects precede these well-received feature films. Such is the case with AMC’s spin-off on Anne Rice’s blood-soaked story Interview with the vampirewho rose to fame on the big screen in 1994, with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the roles of Lestat and Louis. News ReaderSam Reed and Game of thrones Vet Jacob Anderson will fill these roles Straight to TV, and both have addressed their thoughts on taking on such iconic roles, and why the AMC show wouldn’t be just a rework.

despite of The various hiccups that prevent her from moving forward in past years, Interview with the vampire It is now fully destined to reach audiences when it debuts for broadcast (AMC+) and linear television (AMC) on October 2. And while the cast and crew undoubtedly expect to encounter plenty of comparisons to the Neil Jordan movie, even further afield. They had already heard, they pointed respectfully during the series’ Television Critics Association Summer Tour Panel, How it will be more comprehensive in the source material than the film could ever have been. After young star Billy Bass indicated that she wasn’t even born When Kirsten Dunst first got the role of ClaudiaSam Reed thought about his fanbase (and age) when he explained the biggest inherent difference between the two projects, saying:

I was alive when the movie came out, and I love it. I love this movie. And I’ve always loved Anne Rice’s work. So I was very excited to be a part of Reigniting it. Even being a fan of the books, I was excited about the fact that they would ever be made. But what we do in this mod, and this version of Interview with the Vampire, is look at a whole series of books. Because when this movie came out, she was still writing them, so they didn’t have a perspective for the whole work. And now we have that perspective, so when we look at character arcs, we’re looking at a much larger scale. so yeah, [comparisons are] Valid.

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