Jordan Peele replied to his old tweet about chimpanzee attack

This will be followed by spoilers for Jordan Peele’s latest movie! After the release of noMany fans of Jordan Peele were shocked to find a tweet from the filmmaker dating back to before he came out until 2017. Get out. Peele’s 2014 tweet revealed that the Oscar winner had a dream that made him wake up crying, a dream that seemed to be quite adapting to his new movie. no. Speaking in a new interview, Bell opened up about being reminded of his dream, revealing that he had completely forgotten he had it, and was surprised at how deep the thought went into his brain.

“I’m going to go ahead and screw it up, there’s an animal attack in the middle of this movie,” Bell said. empire. “It’s funny because someone recently retweeted something, a tweet to me in 2014, where I was recalling a dream very similar to that scene. I forgot (that), the fact that I forgot it tells you a lot about my work to be honest with you because that’s the focus of the movie” .

He continued, “Most of the benchmarks where I got something I remember. But (the scene) was a cathartic moment I think, it should continue to be pushed through this story. I think it’s about exploitation, it’s about the feelings of anger in the industry and I think one of the important things is In this scene, most of us know how horrible chimpanzee attacks are, or how terrifying they are, and yet there’s something we can’t look away from. We’re afraid of Gordy but we don’t hate Gordy, and so I think there’s something very interesting going on for the audience there.”

On Twitter on November 30, 2014, Bill wrote: “I dreamed that a little monkey attacked some people and then ran towards me and hugged me all in fear. I woke up with tears streaming down my face. #bruh.” If you read that tweet then you saw noYou probably know exactly where Bill came up with the idea for Jordy the Chimpanzee and his infamous attack scene. Now knowing that Peele has completely forgotten about this dream makes his appearance in his last scenario all the more interesting.

no Now playing in theaters with Peele already teasing what might be his next project, he’s revealed that there are some ideas creeping into his brain.


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