Jordan Peele Says His Film Ideas Born From ‘Human Sin’

With three feature-length films under his belt, Jordan Peele and his social thriller films have become fan favorites in recent years. with Get outA treatise on racial politics in America, we Become a meditation on privilege and class, and the final blow no As an obsessive hit with the viewer (and even the film industry in general), one would think that Bell starts his projects not with an idea for a story but with an idea for a moral lesson he wants to convey. If you think so, you will be mostly mistaken, since Bill himself in an interview asserted that the ideas of his film begin from the point of view of educating the audience, but exposing them.

“I guess I don’t look at it as much as I look at it as ‘what I want to say,’ I think it focuses on something about humanity that I haven’t seen nailed.” Human sin “is how I describe it,” Bell revealed to empire. “If I could discuss what I feel is part of our downfall and not seeing it in a cinematic way, I feel like this works. I made a movie about the scene and our addiction to it, our hopeless addiction to it, and then I trusted the pictures…if I follow the truth and follow the fun and follow my soul, I’m I invite a conversation about it.”

He continued, “I think we don’t really go to a movie to hear what someone is trying to say, we go to the movie to see and hear and feel everything that someone is trying to communicate. It’s one of those things where I love watching people dissect the movie because the movie, a really good movie, is worth a million.” conversation “.

When asked by the outlet how he reconciled his last movie to being a movie that reflected on our “desperate addiction” to scenery while also being a blockbuster summertime movie from Universal Pictures, Bell revealed he’s not letting himself in trouble.

“I’m basically telling myself, I know what I’m going to do here, and I’m not going to leave myself without talking about it and dealing with it in the movie itself. And that’s my only responsibility, my responsibility is to do what I’m here to do and it’s a wonderful duality that I deal with. Cinema and filmmaking is a breakthrough, He’s dangerous, he has a history of abusing him, and I wanted to own mine but I just didn’t want to get away from that.”

no Now playing in theaters.

(Cover image by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic via Getty Images)


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