Salman Rushdie: Iranians celebrate the attack that nearly killed the writer

The is Citizens of Tehran, the capital of Iranaware of the attack on the British-American writer Salman Rushdie Last Friday in western New York.

Rushdie is hated among many Islamic circles in the country after his book “The Satanic Verses” He was released, which caused great controversy.

In 1989 The late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called for his death issuing a fatwa.

Some Iranians are happy that Salman Rushdie was attacked

As a result, some Iranians are afraid to publicly express their disapproval of the attack on Rushdie, while Those who despise him celebrate that he’s on life support After being stabbed several times.

“I was very happy to hear the news. Whoever (who carried out the attack) would like to kiss his hand,” said Iranian citizen Mehrab Biggdily.

Bigdeley is a man in his fifties who is currently studying to become a Muslim cleric, he told France 24.

“May God curse Salman Rushdie. Imam Khomeini sentenced him to death in a fatwa. He has been in hiding for years,” Begdeli added with a smile.

He also expressed how even with Western governments spending millions of dollars trying to protect it, In the end, the Muslims decided to send him to Hell.

even Compare Rushdie’s attack to recent nuclear talks surrounding Iran These days.

“Regardless of whether the nuclear deal is in jeopardy, the possible death of Salman Rushdie is the most important.”

before adding it They are ready to accept a nuclear deal if their religion, Islam and dignity are preserved.

Sales of “The Satanic Verses” have increased since the attack

The attack had the opposite effect on the world outside the ultra-conservative countries of Islam, and After the attack, sales of Rushdie’s books, especially “The Satanic Verses,” soared.a book at the heart of this story, which was published over 30 years ago.

Three different editions of the publication Top selling books on amazonwhich makes their analysis based on the last 24 hours.


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