Haikyuu Hypes Final anime with emotional Hinata and Kageyama art

haikyu I’ve been keeping out of sight lately, but this past weekend has brought sports animations to life once again. After all, reports have confirmed that the anime will be returning one last time with a two-part movie covering its final arc. As you can imagine, the news has left fans beaming with the news, and now Haikyuu’s official page is celebrating some emotional artwork of their own.

The piece, which can be seen below, offers a glimpse that readers of the manga know well. After all, Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata appear on high gear as they live their best lives as professional volleyball players.

To the left, Kageyama could be seen from behind as he raised his hand to the sky. The designer wears his “20” jersey, courtesy of Italian team Ali Roma. Besides him, fans can find Hinata in his dark outfit. With the number 21 printed on his jersey, everyone’s favorite striker looks set to fight on the net alongside his Asas Sao Paulo teammates in Brazil.

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Of course, readers of the manga will be familiar with these appearances haikyu Follow these boys on their journey to the pros. It won’t be long until the anime covers this period of time. haikyuThe final two-part episode will cover this arc and more when its features hit theaters. So if you’re ready to check-in to Karasuno’s beloved tag team, you’ll have the chance starting next year!

What do you think of this beautiful outlook on the future haikyu? Are you excited for the anime wrapping up its last two films? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or follow me on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.


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